Registered Nursing General Education Requirements

General Education Requirements for Registered Nursing A.S. Degree

  1. Natural Science (at least 6 units)
  2. Social Science
  3. Fine Arts/Humanities (at least 3 units)
  4. Oral Communication and Analytical Thinking
    1. English Composition (ENGL-101A or 4-semester-unit equivalent)
    2. Communication and Analytical Thinking: (NUR101, NUR-102, NUR-103, and NUR-105 satisfies this requirement).
    3. Mathematics (complete MATH-153, 152, 155 or higher unless minimum proficiency score is obtained on ACCUPLACER Test).
  5. Physical Education/Wellness
    1. Complete two semester activity courses (.5-1 unit each); OR
    2. Complete PE-251 Fitness for Life or AH-130 (3); OR
    3. Present academic record indicating completion of equivalent work.
  6. Cultural Diversity: College graduation requirement fulfilled through completion of nursing courses.

Note: "C" grade (2.0) required in each course in the major area and support courses.

See also the following additional requirements: