Registered Nursing Program Policy

Student Criminal Background Checks and Urine Drug Screening

The Joint Commission (TJC) Comprehensive Accreditation Manual for Hospitals 2004 requires that all staff members, students, instructors and volunteers meet new standards relating to criminal background and freedom from drugs. This policy affects any students enrolled in the following health sciences programs at Ohlone College: registered nurse, respiratory therapist, physical therapist assistant, and phlebotomist.

  1. Criminal background check. Students must clear a criminal background check before admission to the listed health sciences programs. Failure to undergo the background check will result in dismissal from the program. If the background check indicates criminal behavior the student may be dismissed from the program. Students may appeal the decision and will have the opportunity to present information to dispute the background check.

  2. Urine drug screening test. The Health Sciences Division maintains a no tolerance policy regarding substance abuse. Students must clear a urine drug test. Failure to undergo the drug test will result in dismissal from the program. If the drug screen comes back diluted or adulterated the student will be allowed one retest at their own expense. If the student fails the second test, the student will not be admitted to the program.

Students are responsible for all costs associated with criminal background check and drug screening. Students must further agree that all results are available to the program and the clinical sites associated with the program. Should a clinical agency refuse to place a student based on the outcome of either the background check or the drug screen, the program has no responsibility for arranging alternate clinical placements.

Further information and paperwork for obtaining the required background check and urine screening will be provided upon admission to the designated program.