SAS Test and Quiz Request Policy

All test and quiz requests must be submitted 5 school days prior to each scheduled test and/or quiz to allow adequate time for processing and scheduling an appointment with a SAS test proctor.

All Final Exam requests must be submitted 10 school days prior to Final Exam week.

Failure to notify the SAS testing accommodations office 5 school days prior in advance may result in the student needing to take the test and/or quiz in the classroom with the rest of class.

There are several reasons that a student might submit a late request including that the instructor has not informed the student in adequate time to meet the deadline. Most instructors outline the dates of tests on their syllabus, therein allowing the student to submit requests for testing accommodations in advance. This is the recommended practice.

If a student submits a test or quiz request less than 5 school days in advance:

  • When a student submits a request with less than 5 school days notice, the request is considered late. The SAS testing accommodations office follow the protocol for late request that includes a number of steps. For example (in no particular order as each circumstance is different):
    • The student is told that his/her request may not be processed based on the late notice. If this is the first time the student submits a late request, the student is warned of the consequences of submitting late requests. The SAS office will process the request and work with the instructor to ensure that the student is able to be provided the accommodation.
    • If the student continues to submit late requests, the student will be referred to the SAS Director. The Director will work individually with the student to find out the reasons why he/she is consistently late and may make referral to the SAS counselor.
    • The third time a late request is submitted and there is no valid reason for the late submittal or no other special circumstances, the student may be suspended from receiving testing accommodation services. The student can appeal the suspension.
  • If the student demonstrates a pattern of submitting late requests further intervention, including being suspended from services for a longer period, is considered. Each situation is unique and each student need differs.
  • Students who have a disability that includes their inability to remember to turn in their test and/or quiz request on time, will be referred to the SAS Director or SAS Counselor to discuss time management, organizational skills and discuss any other challenges the student may be experiencing.
  • At the start and/or during the semester, the SAS Director and SAS Counselors facilitate workshops for SAS students to provide them with tools that assist with organization and their responsibilities for following district rules.

The majority of SAS students needing testing accommodations follow procedures. The small percentage of student who struggle with testing procedures are monitored and provided with assistance that includes the instructor, the SAS accommodations office, the SAS Director and SAS Counselor.

If you have any questions about a student taking their test in the SAS testing office, please contact  JoyDawn Olla, Accommodation Services Specialist 510-569-6513 or or Gage Rodriguez, SAS Supervisor 510-659-6217 or