Important Update:

Because of COVID-19 restrictions, the SAS Counselors and Staff are primarily providing services and accommodations remotely.

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Notetaking Services

The Accommodation Services Specialist sends an email to the class roster of all students that have requested notetaking services with SAS the week preceding the semester. The interested party is asked to reply to the email and JoyDawn will send a contract. The contract is a fillable PDF and can be returned via email. Once the contract has been processed, the eligible students will receive an email that contains the Notetaker’s name and email. At that point it is the students responsibility to contact the Notetaker and arrange the sharing of notes.


If you wish to announce the need for in your class, you are absolutely welcome to. We do not wish to alter the norms of your teaching or classroom structure, we merely wished to alleviate some of the burden in the classroom. We do ask that if you are successful in procuring a Notetaker, you have them contact the SAS office as soon as possible so that we may register them for the class to reduce the likelihood of multiple Notetakers per course. Without a signed contract on file, we are not able to provide the rewards that they are due. Our current Notetaker rewards are priority registration, and a letter of recommendation (upon request).