Important Update:

Because of COVID-19 restrictions, the SAS Counselors and Staff are primarily providing services and accommodations remotely.

SAS is here to support you

Faculty Rights

  • To set academic standards
  • To evaluate the student based on the standards of the class and to grade accordingly.  Expect the same quality of work from a student with disabilities as you do from your other students. You are not doing them a favor by accepting inferior work, by assigning mercy grades, or by passing a student who has not mastered the course material.
  • Advise the student to contact SAS if the student requests and accommodation and you have not received written notification from the SAS office.

You are not obligated to provide an accommodation if you have not heard from and/or received written notification from the SAS office

Faculty Responsibilities

  • To work with SAS to provide for accommodations in a fair and timely way
  • To adjust instruction without fundamentally altering the program
  • To provide handouts in a timely way for alternate media provision
  • To select textbooks in a timely way so that e-text can be ordered from the publisher
  • To respect and maintain a student's right to confidentiality about his/her disability by not announcing or discussing the student's disability in the presence of other students or staff
  • To contact the SAS office if there is disagreement about the accommodation
  • To work with SAS to ensure that instructional videos/DVDs are captioned
  • To post materials on school websites in an accessible format for students
  • To ensure that test accommodations do not impact lecture time or other course meeting requirements