Important Update:

Because of COVID-19, BOTH CAMPUSES ARE CLOSED (Fremont and the Newark campuses) until further notice.

Although the SAS office and Lab are closed SAS is here to support you and we are able to provide complete support services during the campus closure

If you have met with your SAS counselor and have been approved to receive testing accommodations, please follow these steps:

  1. Fill out an Official Test Form completely with all identifying class and instructor information and the day and time your class will be taking the exam remotely. 
  2. The Test Request Form must be filled out 5 school days prior to each test/quiz and 10 school days prior to Final Exams.
  3. The Accommodations Services Specialist will email your Instructor indicating that you are eligible for testing accommodations and assist your instructor on setting up the exam remotely for you.

Please note: There will be no changes made in the date or time of the test unless specifically indicated by the instructor to the SAS Office.

Note: Students are encouraged to share their need for this accommodation with their instructors at the beginning of the semester.

Any questions, please contact JoyDawn Olla at 510-659-6513 or

Test Request Policy:

All test requests must be submitted via email to  5 School Days prior to each exam to allow adequate time for processing the test request form and contacting your instructor for remote instructions.

All Final Exam test requests must be submitted 10 School Days prior to Final Exam week to allow for adequate time for processing your test request form and contacting your instructor for remote instructions.

Failure to notify the SAS Office 5 School Days in advance may result in the need to take your exam with your class.

You have submitted a test request with less than 5 School Days advance notice:

  • If your instructor has not announced this exam with adequate time for you to make your request in accordance with our policy, please let us know so we can contact your instructor.
  • If this request is late due to an emergency, please be mindful of the policy to prevent future disruption of your ability to receive your testing accommodations. We will make every effort to assist you.
  • If you are having trouble remembering to turn in test requests on time, please contact the SAS office to make an appointment with a counselor to discuss time management, organizational skills, and discuss any challenges you may be experiencing.

To make a counseling appointment: Call SAS (510) 659-6079 or email