A continuing student is a student who was enrolled at Ohlone College during the most recent previous semester, not including Summer Tem.

Each semester, remember to:

  • Update your Student Profile on Webadvisor before you register for classes.
  • Turn in your request forms as soon as you register for classes.  Forms are to be turned in to the SAS office, Fremont Campus, Building. 7, room 7122 or they can be scanned and emailed to sas@ohlone.edu

Form to be turned in are:

  • Accommodations Request Forms form per semester

It is strongly recommended that continuing students make an appointment to meet with a SAS Counselor each semester for any of the following:

  • Student Education Plan
  • Transfer or Graduation progress check
  • Evaluation  of degree or certificate completion
  • Explore majors and the universities that offer related fields
  • Disability management
  • Accommodations review
  • Personal and career goals
  • Academic standing and reinstatement
  • Why am I on academic probation?