Important Update:

Because of COVID-19 restrictions, the SAS Counselors and Staff are primarily providing services and accommodations remotely.

SAS is here to support you

A continuing student is a student who was enrolled at Ohlone College during the most recent previous semester, not including Summer Tem.

Each semester, remember to:

  • Update your Student Profile before you register for classes.
  • Submit your Accommodation Request Form as soon as you have registered for classes.  

Form to be turned in per semester are:

It is strongly recommended that continuing students make an appointment to meet with a SAS Counselor each semester for any of the following:

  • Student Education Plan
  • Transfer or Graduation progress check
  • Evaluation  of degree or certificate completion
  • Explore majors and the universities that offer related fields
  • Disability management
  • Accommodations review
  • Personal and career goals
  • Academic standing and reinstatement
  • Why am I on academic probation?

To schedule an appointment with an SAS Counselor, please call 510-659-6079 or email us at (include your name, student ID# and reason for the appointment). The counseling appointment will be done remotely. You will be given the option of Zoom or Phone appointment.