Important Update:

Because of COVID-19 restrictions, the SAS Counselors and Staff are primarily providing services and accommodations remotely.

SAS is here to support you

Important Update:

Because of COVID-19, BOTH CAMPUSES ARE CLOSED (Fremont and the Newark campuses) until further notice.

Although the SAS office and Lab are closed SAS is here to support you and we are able to provide complete support services during the campus closure

Title 5, Section 56006 currently outlines the following provisions for the determination of eligibility for SAS services: (a) In order to be eligible for academic adjustments, auxiliary aids, services and/or instruction authorized under this chapter, a student must have a disability which is verified pursuant to subdivision (b) which results in an educational limitation identified pursuant to subdivision (c) of this section.

(b) The existence of a disability may be verified, using procedures prescribed by the Chancellor, by one of the following means:

  1. observation by certificated SAS staff;
  2. assessment by certificated SAS staff; or
  3. review of documentation by certificated staff provided by appropriate agencies or certified or licensed professionals outside of SAS.

(c) The student's educational limitations must be identified by certificated staff and described in the Academic Accommodation Plan (AAP) required pursuant to Section 56022. Eligibility for each service provided must be directly related to an educational limitation consistent with Section 56000(b) and Section 56001.