Important Update:

Because of COVID-19 restrictions, the SAS Counselors and Staff are primarily providing services and accommodations remotely.

SAS is here to support you


  1. SAS students that qualify for notetaking services must submit a request each semester that they wish to receive services.
    • Accommodations Request Forms must be emailed to two weeks before the beginning of the semester. Submissions after this date will still be honored, but may require additional time to process.
  2. Once a request has been processed, the following steps are taken:
    • The Accommodation Services Specialist will email the class roster1 of all students that have requested notetaking services with our department.
    • Any student wishing to volunteer is asked to reply to the email and a contract will be sent.
      • The contract is a fillable PDF and can be returned via email or in person at the Student Accessibility Services Office on either the Newark or Fremont campus.
    • Once the contract has been processed, eligible SAS students will receive an email that contains the Notetaker’s name and email.
    • It is the SAS students’ responsibility to contact the Notetaker and arrange the sharing of notes.


*Students are encouraged to take their own notes to supplement the Notetaker’s notes.*


SAS strives to make this process as simple as possible for all involved. We are always working on ways to improve this process to guarantee our students are served as efficiently as possible. As such, the process may have subtle adjustments made from time to time and we welcome feedback. We will do our best to inform all necessary parties of these changes. If there are any questions or concerns, please contact the SAS Supervisor, Gage Rodriguez, at


1: Class roster is updated regularly but will only reflect the roster as current as the emails sent date.