Note: All Scholarships that are awarded to students need to be sent to the Ohlone Cashier's Office, Fremont Campus, 43600 Mission Blvd, Fremont, CA. 94539. Please mail or bring in person any checks you may receive to the Cashiers Office.

Throughout the year, the Financial Aid Office receives announcements of scholarship opportunities for Ohlone College students. The focus of each scholarship is different. Some require high grades, most require financial need, and some are awarded to students who are majoring in certain areas.

The Financial Aid Office will post these announcements on the scholarship board in Building 7 as well as make general announcements in campus media.

Students are encouraged to take time to research scholarships to help pay for their educational expenses, rather than taking out loans. Most scholarships only require a personal statement, a résumé, and answering one or two questions. Applying for scholarships is free. Scholarships do not need to be repaid!

Students should investigate scholarships offered by their (or their parents') employer, civic organizations, Associations, and private foundations. Register with a free scholarship search engine such as . Attend Transfer Center Workshops to get help writing your Personal Statement and resume.

There are several types of available scholarships:

  1. General Scholarships
  2. Veterans and Military Dependent Scholarships

Female and male students sitting in grass at Palm Bosque on Fremont campus.

Privately Funded Institutional Scholarships

Beginning February 1, the Ohlone College Foundation has scholarships available which help pay for education-related expenses. Visit Ohlone Foundation Scholarship web site for Ohlone College Foundation scholarships.

Students can find more information on scholarships at the following sites:

Beware of scholarship scams or claims that "guarantee" a scholarship. Reputable companies neither guarantee scholarships nor use aggressive tactics. To learn more about scholarship scams, visit