Science and Math Seminar Series

The Ohlone College Science and Math Seminar Series program features distinguished speakers who address interesting topics related to science, mathematics, or technology.

Most seminars are sponsored by ASOCASOC Student Government logo. and Ohlone's Science, Engineering, and Mathematics Division. The seminars are free and open to the public.

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Awkward: The science of why we're socially awkward and why that's awesome

By Dr. Ty Tashiro, Author of The Science of Happily Ever After

  • Wednesday, October 4th
  • 4:00pm
  • Room: NP-7, Newark Center

Ever wonder why people with bright, innovative minds seem to be a little awkward? In his latest book Awkward, Psychologist Ty Tashiro unpacks decades of research into human intelligence, neuroscience, personality, and sociology to help us better understand why many bright minded, original thinkers, can seem socially awkward.

Join us for a presentation and Q & A about why the unique psychological dispositions that make people feel awkward, are often the same characteristics that propel them toward extraordinary achievements. #soawkwardsoawesome

Free and open to the public! This seminar is sponsored by the Science, Engineering, and Math Division, and ASOC.

sheets will be available.