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Background on SEA: In Fall 2018, the Basic Skills Committee and the Student Equity Workgroup joined forces to create the Student Equity and Achievement (SEA) group. The purpose of the SEA group is to coordinate campus efforts to improve student success, especially for student groups experiencing less success than other student groups, and to close equity gaps. 

In Spring 2019, the SEA workgroup examined student data to understand where equity gaps exist, then recommended activities and programs to address those gaps and created a new three year student equity plan. The student equity plan will be submitted on June 30, 2019 to the Chancellor's Office. According to CA Ed. Code, "In order to ensure equal educational opportunities and to promote student success for all students, regardless of race, gender, age, disability, or economic circumstances, the governing board of each community college district shall maintain a student equity plan." 

The 2019-2022 Student Equity Plan is available by clicking on this link: 2019-22 Ohlone College Student Equity Plan with Budget
An Executive Summary of the Student Equity Plan is available here: 2019-22 Ohlone College Student Equity Plan: Executive Summary

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