Sequence of Classes for English as a Second Language (ESL)

New ESL to English Course Sequence is effective Fall 2016*

Sequence of ESL classes.
(text description of flowchart)

* Students who complete ESL 184RW in Fall 2016 will qualify to take ENGL 151RW (or ENGL 151B and 163) the following semester.

Advantages of taking ESL 184RW rather than ENGL 151A and 162:

  1. Instruction targeting the unique needs of non-native speakers of English (grammar, vocabulary, idioms, cultural background knowledge, etc.)
  2. Fewer units: One 5-unit class rather than two classes totaling 8 units
  3. Integrated reading/writing instruction to prepare students for ENGL 151RW.
  4. Classmates with similar needs, questions, and concerns

Text description of the Sequence of ESL Classes flowchart:

  1. ESL 181RW
  2. ESL 182RW
  3. ESL 183RW
  4. then A or B:
    • A
      1. ESL 184RW (newly revised)
      2. ENGL 151RW (or 151B + 163)
      3. ENGL 101A
    • B
      1. ENGL 151A + ENGL 162
      2. ENGL 151RW (or 151B + 163)
      3. ENGL 101A