Server Redirect Shortcut URLs - Web Team

This page is intended for use only by the Web Team. See explanation and purpose. See also /go/ Directory Shortcut URLs.

Server redirect shortcut URLs:

Contact Gosia Asher in College Advancement or the Web Team to request a server redirect shortcut URL for a project.

See also Other Notable Redirects in httpd.conf.

Server Redirect Shortcut URLs
(updated July 18, 2017)

(This table does not include redirects for changed URL paths.)

Eliminated section of URL path Shortcut Points to…


(Frequently used in print projects.)


(Academic / Instruction websites.)


(Mostly student-focused Organization websites.)


Explanation and Purpose of Server Redirect Shortcut URLs

These server redirect shortcut URLs were created so "/core", "/instr", and "/org" can be eliminated from URLs used in print projects (brochure, flyer, catalog, class schedule, banner, marquee, etc.).

A server redirect is accomplished with a RewriteRule command in the Apache httpd.conf file on the web server.

Other Notable Redirects

Other Notable Redirects in httpd.conf
(updated Jume 17, 2014)
Purpose Shortcut Points to…
Redirect for door to Deaf Studies Lab (requested by College Advancement)

20110315 MAY NOT NEED now that redirects to eliminate "/instr" are in place - testing this!
Foundation website moved from to own site. Also fixes error in class schedule.
Requested by College Advancement because PB thought URL in marquee item looked "odd" with lowercase g[filename][filename]
For HR; requested by PB
For College Advancement re Parking Lot B Closure

20111116 CAN BE DELETED:
For Jesse MacEwan, Orientation eSARS error msg
For Rachel Sherman(?)
For College Advancement for print project, ad, etc.
For College Advancement for print project, ad, etc.
For College Advancement for banner