Sodertorns Folkhogskola - Sister College Program

Sodertorns Folkhogskola logo.In February 2007, faculty representatives from Ohlone Sodertorns Folkhogskola ( on how to teach deaf culture effectively. In February 2008, officials of Sodertorns Folkhogskola provided consultation to the members of Ohlone's Center for Deaf Studies on the state of the art techniques of teaching and preparing future interpreters.

In the spirit of continued friendship, international goodwill and mutual interest, the Interpreter Preparation Programs at Sodertorns Folkhogskola and Ohlone Community College District have developed an Implementation Agreement (PDF) to formalize a sister program relationship.

This implementation agreement includes, but not limited to, the following five areas.

  1. Faculty Exchange: Opportunities for faculty exchange will be pursued by both parties. The terms of the exchange are to be worked out by individual faculty members involved and their administrators. The length can be as short as a week and as long as a semester.
  2. Curriculum Support: Feedback for curricular enhancement will be available for both programs. Paper review will be the primary vehicle for curriculum support.
  3. Information Sharing: Both parties will continue to share curricula, media, and other relevant materials.
  4. In-service training for faculty: Opportunities for continued in-service training will be pursued by both parties. The format for such training can include on-site sessions, videoconferencing and on-line.
  5. Guest lectures for students: Opportunities for guest lectures will be pursued by both parties. Guest lectures can be made on-site, through videoconferencing, and/or on-line discussions.

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