Taizhou Community College / Taizhou Radio and TV University (CHINA) - Sister College Program


Man holding a framed photograph.Taizhou Radio and TV University President Pan Xiankao displays Ohlone College aerial photo.

Ohlone College congratulated Taizhou Radio and TV University on its 30-year anniversary, with a gift of a framed aerial photo of the Ohlone College Fremont campus.

Woman teaching a class.Paula Landers teaching students in Taizhou.

In Summer 2009, English Language Institute (ELI) Instructor Paula Landers taught English classes to young Chinese students in Taizhou.


Taizhou hosts Ohlone at International Forum

Man giving a speech.Eddie West, Director of Ohlone College International Education, gives speech at International Forum on Community Education, hosted by Taizhou Radio and TV University.

In November 2007, Taizhou hosted the first annual International Forum on Community Education. Consular officials, educational administrators and faculty and members of the business community from numerous countries throughout the world attended this 3-day event. At the forum Ohlone Director of International Programs and Services Eddie West delivered a speech titled Internationalizing Community Education: Strategies for Economic and Social Development.

Ohlone approves out-of-state tuition waiver for Taizhou students

In October 2007, Ohlone College President Doug Treadway approved one Out-of-State tuition waiver per semester for a Taizhou student to be nominated by our partners in Taizhou.

Ohlone faculty teach at Taizhou

Woman teaching a class.Connie Olsen teaches Taizhou students English as a Second Language.

In Summer of 2007 English as a Second Language (ESL) faculty Connie Olsen and Multimedia faculty Pilar Lewis traveled to Taizhou to teach ESL and Multimedia courses, respectively, to Taizhou students. Taizhou graciously hosted our faculty, and students and faculty alike enjoyed intercultural learning experiences that served to deepen the friendship between our two schools.


Group of people.The first-ever Ohlone delegation visit to Taizhou, in November, 2004.

Ohlone's relationship with Taizhou Radio and Television University and Taizhou Community College (collectively referred to as Taizhou) began in August 2004 when a delegation from Taizhou, China, visited our college. That visit was followed in November 2004 with a trip to China by a group of Ohlone personnel. From these meetings came an agreement between Taizhou and Ohlone to work together to enhance learning at both institutions.