An Introduction to Zhejiang Vocational Academy of Art - Sister College Program

Zhejiang Vocational Academy of Art is the only state-run full-time comprehensive art institute of higher education in Zhejiang province. In December of 1999, Zhejiang provincial government gave approval to the incorporation of Zhejiang Art School and Zhejiang Film School. Later Zhejiang Art Research Institute was merged into the combination, thus in January 2002, Zhejiang Vocational Academy of Art was officially founded. Learn more about the Zhejiang Vocational Academy of Art.

50 Years of Art Education

The former body the of the Academy is Zhejiang Art School, which has an educational history of 50 years and has been appraised four times by Ministry of Education and Ministry of Culture as the National Key Secondary School of Art.

During the fifty years' education, a great many accomplished masters and celebrated teachers have gathered here, including:

  • Gai Jiaotian, the outstanding performing artist in Peking Opera
  • Yao Shuijuan, the Queen in Yue Opera
  • Zhou Chuanying and Wang Chuansong, the famous performing artists in Kun Opera
  • Zhao Songting, the great master of flute
  • Zhou Dafeng, the famous musical educator
  • the writer Huang Yuan
  • the playwriter Hu Xiaohai
  • Chen Jing
  • Bei Geng
  • and the scholar Luo Di
  • and many others.

The school has brought up a large number of distinguished artists and performance stars, including:

  • Mao Weitao
  • Yang Xiaoqing
  • Dong Qing
  • Zhou Xun
  • He Saifei
  • Tao Huimin
  • Wang Fengmei
  • Chen Huiling
  • Dong Kedi
  • Shan Chong
  • Zhang Yujun
  • Zhan Yongming
  • Wu Man
  • Mao Geping
  • Ying Zhen
  • Zhang Xiaomin
  • and others.

The School gave birth to the Small Hundred Flowers, a Yue Opera troupe well-known throughout the world and to the music and dance class of 1998, which won the Silver Prize of the Stars Cup dance competition.

Academy Facilities

The Academy, situated in Binjiang higher education zone of Hangzhou, covers an area of over thirteen hectares, with a total floor area of ninety thousand square meters. The advanced facilities put the Academy on the first-class list in the whole country.

The Academy is composed of six departments, respectively of drama, music, dance, film and television technology, fine arts and cultural management. Additionally, three sections including adult education and training, fundamental education and field practice, and an affiliated secondary school (namely Zhejiang Art School), along with a library and information center and an art research institute.

17 specialties are offered for vocational students and 1 for undergraduates, among which opera, film and television performance and music performance are the provincial key specialties. The field practice section has been approved as a demonstration base for field studies in Zhejiang province.

The Academy currently enrolls more than one thousand five hundred undergraduates and vocational college students, and nearly eight hundred secondary school students.

The number of full-time faculty has totaled to 205, of which 77 are teachers of senior professional title. In addition, a number of well-known artists and educators from home and abroad have the chair professorship in the Academy. A competent faculty of high quality and multi-subjects are now growing with the step of the development of the Academy.


After the Academy was founded, she has had brilliant achievements in education. A number of teachers have won the national Ou Yongxi Musical Education Award and the provincial Celebrated Teachers Award for professors.

The students have gained good results in the annual national Taoli Cup dance competition and the Yilishen Cup drama competition. In the eighth Taoli Cup dance competition, our students won the first place in Group B.

The music drama, The Fifth Sister, created by the Youth Arts Troupe of the Academy, won the Wenhua Award in the Seventh China Arts Festival, and gained its part in the National Top-notch Stage Arts Program.

Students have won prizes one after another in competitions of various kinds. The Journal of Zhejiang Vocational Academy of Art, issued in China and overseas by the Academy, gained the honorary title of Excellent CAJ-CD Norm Executive.

The Academy has organized groups many times to visit foreign countries, including the USA, UK, France, Japan, Germany, Russia and Australia. Students have also traveled to other regions including Taiwan and Hong Kong, thereby promoting cultural and arts communication with foreign countries and other regions, and winning acclaim in the international arts education sphere.

Goals for the Future

The Academy aims to get a result in the next year's National Evaluation for Excellent Vocational Colleges, and establish a top-notch comprehensive vocational academy of art in the near future, and in the long run, to upgrade itself to an art institute, which is high in its quality of education, prolific in its creation of artistic works, remarkable in its achievements in teaching, science and research, and distinctive in its education characteristics.

The Academy is determined to develop into the central base for cultivating talents in art education and art performance, while training practical artistic professionals and multi-talents to meet the needs of a modern culture, and of the arts and cultural industry. Accomplishing these goals will lead to the Academy making more and greater contributions in leading Zhejiang Province into a province of high culture.