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Q. What is the name of the site search program we're using on the Ohlone College website?

We are using Google Site Search.

Q. Why doesn't the site search feature find some of the files in my website?

If you have a file in your website that is not linked to other web pages, that file will not be indexed by the site search engine. If it is not indexed, it cannot be searched for. In addition, the site search indexes only certain file types, such as (X)HTML files, text files, Microsoft Word files, Adobe PDF files.

Q. I searched for something in the site search feature but some of the links that displayed were for something else. Why does this happen?

The links displayed by the site search are the titles of the web pages. The title of a web page is encoded using the <title> tag in the <head> section of the (X)HTML document. The website maintainer is responsible for using an accurate title reflecting the content of each web page in his/her site. Sometimes incorrect titles are mistakenly used by the website maintainer. You may contact the site maintainer directly and request that a more description or accurate <title> be used on that web page.

The title of a PDF or Microsoft document (Word, PowerPoint, etc.) is the value of the "Description" field in the Document Properties.

Q. What can I do to make my web pages more easily searchable by the site search feature?

Use unique, descriptive <title> tags and use descriptive <meta> "Description" and "Keywords" tags (see <meta> Tags Resources).

Q. What types of files does the site search feature index?

(X)HTML files, Microsoft Office files (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Rich Text Files (.rtf), Adobe Acrobat PDF files (.pdf), Adobe Flash (.swf), ASCII Text files (.txt), and XML (.xml), and many others. See What file types can Google index? in Help for Google Webmaster Central.

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