Course Assessment is on a four-year cycle. Reports are due by the end of the semester in which the course is to be assessed, or by the beginning of the next semester (by September 30 for Spring assessments, and by February 28 for Fall assessments).

Course Assessments should be completed online on the Cloud SLO Assessment page.

See the SLOAC Committee website for:

  • Video tutorials for the Cloud SLO page
  • Published assessments in the Cloud
  • Archived assessments from the previous assessment cycle (Fall 2011-Spring 2015)
  • Course assessment due dates for the current cycle (Fall 2015-Spring 2019)

For more information on Course Assessment, and on the college’s assessment processes, see the SLOAC Committee website.

For help with any aspect of assessment, contact:

Rachel Sherman
SLOAC Co-Chair
Associate Professor, English