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Be informed and remain connected with Ohlone College, Ohlone College departments and programs, as well as student clubs and other groups. Stay abreast of news, events, and information at Ohlone. Select the social network you would like to follow, friend, or like. Some are official social media accounts for Ohlone College, others are not.

Social Media for Ohlone College Departments and Programs
Name / Link to Ohlone Website Facebook
Twitter YouTube Other
Ohlone College 50th Anniversary Facebook   Twitter   Instagram
Ohlone College Alumni & Friends Facebook        
Broadcasting Department Facebook        
Community Education Facebook        
Deaf Studies Facebook   Twitter YouTube  
Film & Television Department Facebook   Twitter    
Information Technology Services (ITS)     Twitter    
Library Facebook   Twitter YouTube  
Men's Basketball Facebook        
Multimedia and Graphic Arts Department Facebook        
Ohlone for Kids and Teens Facebook        
Ohlone Math Gateway Facebook        
Smith Center Facebook   Twitter    
STEP Up Ohlone Facebook        
Student Activities Facebook        
Study Abroad Program Facebook        
Theatre and Dance Department   Facebook      
Transfer Center Facebook        
Tri Cities One-Stop Career Center Facebook        
Veterans   Facebook      
Women's Soccer         Instagram
Women's Volleyball Facebook   Twitter    
Social Media for Ohlone College Student Clubs and Other Groups
Name / Link to Ohlone Website Facebook
Twitter YouTube
APASA (Asian Pacific American Student Association) Club Facebook      
ASL Club Facebook      
Astrophysics Club Facebook      
Ohlone College Bands   Facebook    
Biology Club Facebook      
Ohlone College Bookstore Facebook      
Communication Labs Facebook   Twitter YouTube
Engineering Club (OEC) Facebook      
GSA (Gay Straight Alliance)   Facebook    
Mission Peak Brass Band (MPBB)   Facebook    
Ohlone Music Club   Facebook    
Ohlone Psychology Club Facebook      
Ohlone Society of Women Engineers-SWE Facebook      
Ohlone Wind Orchestra Facebook      

Social media accounts that have not been posted to for two semesters may be removed from the Social Media Directory.

Social networking has created new ways to communicate and share short notes, photos, information, events, and more. Social networking websites are used regularly by millions of people, and for many people social networking is an enduring part of everyday life.

These websites can be great opportunities to connect with students, co-workers, and others to form online communities with shared interests. Remember to Think Before You Publish Online - Social Networks and You.


Please review the Social Media Guideline.

Content on Ohlone College social networking websites must relate directly to Ohlone College programs, events, students, services, and/or business. Posts, advertising, announcements, etc. about companies, organizations, individuals, events, causes, or information which are not directly related to Ohlone College purposes shall be deleted without notice.

Social networking websites that have not been updated in the previous two semesters may be considered abandoned and may be removed from the Social Media Directory.

Not listed in Ohlone's Social Media Directory?

Do you manage an approved (see the Social Media Guideline) Ohlone-related social network or online community, such as a Facebook Page, Facebook Group, or Twitter account?

Social networks and online communities targeted toward a wide audience at Ohlone or an Ohlone department, program, club, or group may be included on this page by sending an email to the Web Team at providing:

  • the URL (website address) for the Social Media website
  • the administrator's full name and email address