Starfish: Early Alert Program - Student Success and Support Programs Committee

As outlined in our 2015-2016 Student Success and Support Program Plan, the Student Success Committee is working with an Implementation Team to pilot Starfish Early Alert for Spring 2017.

What Is Starfish Early Alert?

  • A research-based platform to enhance student success
  • Provides faculty with a tool to increase positive faculty-student involvement at the touch of a button

Goals are to increase

  • contact between students and faculty
  • contact between students and academic support services
  • student utilization of campus support services
  • Student success & retention rates

View a 3.5 minute video on 5 things instructors can do in Starfish.

View the Faculty Senate Presentation from December 7, 2017 (not available at this time).

Ohlone's Starfish Implementation Team

  • Tijan White (Coordinator)
  • Jennifer Harper (Counselor/Instructor)
  • Lenore Landavazo (Counselor)
  • Mark Lieu (Dean, Language, Communication & Academic Success)
  • Shyam Sundar (Instructor)
  • Jennifer Jovel (Instructor)
  • Mike Leib (Director, Tutoring)
  • Diane Cheney (DSPS)
  • Scott Snyder (IT)
  • Shaun Vetter (IT)
  • Kathleen Schoenecker (IT/MIS)
  • Grace Chiao (IT)
  • Quan Nguyen (IT/E-Campus)
  • Kerrie Kawasaki-Hull (Instructor/ENGL-151A Coordinator)
  • Minh-Hoa Ta (VP, Student Services)
  • Deborah Griffin (Financial Aid)
  • Sally Bratton (Student Health Center)
  • Rosemary O'Neill (Personal Counseling)
  • Matthew Ng (Researcher)

* All English-151A instructors will pilot Starfish for Spring 2017.