Steps to Apply for Admission to the Registered Nursing Program

The Application Period for the Registered Nursing Program is January 15 through March 1 for the following Fall and Spring semesters. See the Annual Academic Application Cycle.

  1. Complete all required coursework.
  2. Attend a Mandatory Pre-nursing Orientation Session prior to each application period. Attending the orientation is the only way to obtain a nursing application. Check the Registered Nursing Program website for orientation dates, location and time.
  3. Obtain transcripts. Attach two official sealed transcripts from all colleges attended to Nursing Application
  4. Obtain approved substitution waiver if using for prerequisites.
  5. If you are not a currently-enrolled student at Ohlone College, complete and submit the online Application for Admissions to the Admissions and Records Office.
  6. If you have not met the Math Eligibility Requirements, take the Math ACCUPLACER Test. Passing the ACCUPLACER Math Assessment Test "clears" the Math eligibility requirement (MATH-153 or MATH-155 or equivalent) for admission. See also the Placement Testing Center.
  7. Complete the Nursing Program Application Form including the Multi-criteria Scoring Rubric, Worksheets and supporting documents for each criteria claimed.
    • The Nursing Program Application Form, the Nursing Student Academic Evaluation Form, the multicriteria scoring rubric and worksheets are available only at the mandatory pre-nursing orientation.
  8. Complete the nursing student academic evaluation form.
  9. Complete the student demographic survey.
  10. Submit all of the following documents together in one (1) envelope to the Health Science Division office in the Ohlone College Newark Center campus:
    • Completed Nursing Program Application Form.
    • Completed Nursing Student Academic Evaluation Form.
    • Completed Multicriteria scoring rubric, worksheets and supporting documents.
    • Completed student demographic survey.
    • Two official sealed transcripts from all colleges attended.
    • Approved Substitution Waiver if used for prerequisites.
    • Unofficial copy of ATI TEAS results.
  11. Each applicant will be notified by email the official points received after all the applications have been reviewed and evaluated (mid-May).

All required documents and forms must be included in one application packet due by March 10, 2017. Incomplete application packets will not be reviewed. Documents and forms submitted late will not be accepted. Applicants will not receive notification of missing forms and documents so please ensure that your packet is complete.

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