Last year, the Student Health Center, with the help of the Student Wellness Ambassadors, launched a new Mental Health Art Exhibit. We reached out to all Ohlone students and staff for personal art submissions with the theme of mental health and created a whole gallery to showcase them. 

This year, we are bringing back the exhibit, but opening up submission to all kinds of themes! We understand that all types of art can be therapeutic and expressive. We want to open this opportunity for anyone who wants to express themselves.and to not limit the art relating to mental health.

So what are you waiting for! Get those creative minds working and put the brush to the canvas. You can submit any medium of art to to be showcased here in this gallery.


Khanh Le


Khanh Le art 1


Khanh Le Art 2

Khanh Le


Title: “5-year-old-me and my After School Memory.”

Medium: Digital

Description: I want to express one of great memories from my childhood, which is the old days when my mom took me from kindergarten. I think that was the time my mom and I had a lot of chances to talk with each other, and I really miss that moment.


Lisa Brown

Lisa Brown Art


Erica Fernandez Art

Erica Fernandez


Medium: Digital art

Description: There is no real reason aside from the idea of losing one's self and identity.


Angela Dumatol

Angela DUmatol Art


Osvaldo Granados Art

Osvaldo Granados

Title: "Junkrat" and "Roadhog from Overwatch"

Medium: Acrylic

Description: In my art piece, I depict the characters "Junkrat" and "Roadhog" from the popular multiplayer game "Overwatch", released in 2016. I painted this piece about 2 years ago for my final in my junior year art class and I'm still quite proud of it to this day. Without hardly having any experience with painting, both from life and my art class, I was able to create a piece that I proudly hang at home.


Krina Shah

When you leave... 

When you leave, the sun will hide, scared, to shed tears. The clouds will be gone, and the sky will be blue, just plain blue. When you will witness this, you will realize my pain, my pain of watching you leave, going distant. The road back home will not be same, the music, the dance, the laughter will not be joyous, all will watch the empty seat as I drive. After few months, as you sit watching snow storm hit your windows, you will miss the sun under which we lived. You will miss the rain under which we went to long drives, uncertain yet happy. The Californian sun will shine and shower it's beauty but will it be same without "us"? 

When you leave, memories will become my appetite. Because living under the same sky, as they say, is not same because my winters will be, forever, different than yours.


Tammy Nguyen Art

Tammy Nguyen

Title: "Chairs"

Medium: Colored pencils and acrylic

Description: This is a quick still life rendition of a photograph I found on the internet (credit unknown). I was captivated by the textures of the chairs and aimed to emphasize it in my drawing by dramatizing the light source and creating heavy contrast between colors.