Student Comments about Learning Communities at Ohlone College

"My experience as an instructor has been primarily to learn how it works when there is a very 'intuitive' link between classes (in this case English 101A, Library Science 101, and Personal Development 113).

As an English instructor, having at my right hand a Counselor and at my left hand a Librarian - life just doesn't get any better!"

-Perri Gallagher, instructor, On the Road to College Success learning community

What Do Students Think About Learning Communities?

"The learning community has given me confidence enough to be comfortable in myself and want more than I did before."

"I learned effective ways of working with others in a group. I also learned how to be a more responsible student."

The discussion board was an excellent feature...there was more participation than there might in be a regular classroom.

"It is really nice to be on such a personal level with my classmates. It makes it easier to plan study groups and to speak out my opinions."

"My time in this English class and the learning community has been very good. I got to grow and strengthen my skills in writing, and read a book I normally wouldn't have chosen. I was able to learn more about myself and experience an online class. Overall, I would recommended the learning community to anyone entering Ohlone."

"I think that the most valuable thing that I have learned is basically how to be a better person."

"It has helped me to stay motivated to come to class."

"I enjoyed the experience of the learning community. Having all of my professors talking to one another and combining subject matter was an interesting way to go."

"The most valuable thing about being in a learning community was the ability to learn and connect the different subjects together to gain a more complete understanding of all subjects."

"I think I would have learned just as much (in separate classes), but I don't think I would have done as well."

"It was a great experience that I would definitely recommend!"

"The discussion board was an excellent feature of the class, as I believe that there was more student participation than there might be in a regular classroom. This advantage led to hearing many points of view on a particular subject, and thus further enhanced my ability to examine information more critically."

"It had been over a year since I had taken an English class, and the last English I took was ENG-151B, which I dropped. I was a little scared. However, participating in the weekly discussions really helped, and made me feel I was part of the class. It helped me in my critical thinking, which was something that really needed to be worked on. I am glad I took the class."