Tuesday, September 27, 2016.

By Ohlone College.

Eight happy Ohlone students.Remember bringing home your report card and getting a reward for good grades? Ohlone College just got its report card—the 2016 Student Success Scorecard—from the state Chancellor’s Office, and we don’t want to brag, but we got terrific grades! According to  Dr. Gari Browning, President of Ohlone College, “This year’s scorecard is the best ever and the most important to date.”

Under Dr. Browning’s leadership the college has initiated principals of strategic planning that have produced continual, step-by-step improvement in student performance. The outcome speaks volumes for the college’s efforts to help students be their very best.

“I am most proud of Ohlone for achieving #1 status among peer colleges,” said Dr. Browning, “in completion, persistence, basic skills improvement, and continuous improvement for underprepared students.”

Chart. (d)

The California Community Colleges (CCC) Success Scorecard is a performance measurement system conducted by the Chancellor’s Office at the state level. This annual scorecard compares data from the 113 community colleges in the state for seven categories, including student progress, student retention, and rates of completion such as transfer or graduation compared to peer colleges within the CCC system.

Ohlone took first place among its peer colleges in multiple categories and made progress in six of the seven
areas on the scorecard, with marked improvement in success among underserved populations. According to Mike Bowman, institutional researcher at Ohlone, “The 2016 Scorecard validates that Ohlone College generally performs at the highest levels among our peer colleges and can be considered one of the premier community colleges in California.”

Description of chart:

  • Column 1: Bar chart of increasing size with arrow pointing upward along the tops of the bars. Ohlone showed improvement in six of the seven measures compared to last year, meaning that our continual efforts at progress are having a positive effect.
  • Column 2: Two arrows pointing up, one says 12%, the other 6%. We have excellent improvement in completion of degrees and certificates for African American students (up 12%) and Hispanic/Latino students (up 6%).
  • Column 3: Ohlone is No. 1 for underprepared students, including:
    • Students who compete 30 units
    • Persistence from semester to semester
    • Basic skills math and English improvement
    • Overall performance of underprepared students is up 3.2%
  • Column 4: Round light green circle with "One of California's Top 10 Community Colleges" text. Ohlone students continue to perform near the top of all community college students in GPA and persistence when they transfer.

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