How to Start a NEW Student Club

  1. Review the complete Ohlone Student Club list to see if there's already a club with the same goal/purpose. If you don't see one then continue with starting a new student club!
  2. Gather at least 5 student members willing to regularlarly participate in club activities.
    • Members must be enrolled in classes and have a valid Ohlone Student ID Number
  3. Obtain an ADVISOR.
    • Advisors MUST be employees of Ohlone College and approved by the Office of Student Life
  4. Submit a completed New Club Application to the Office of Student Life no later than Thursday prior to the 4th ICC meeting.
    • Email the form to both AND 
    • Agendas for the Monday ICC meetings are posted on Fridays, so in able to request to be placed on the next ICC meeting agenda - requests must be sent by Thursday 12:00pm(Last day to submit a New Club Application is Thursday 9/16/2021)
  5. Attend the next ICC meeting following submission of the New Club Application form
    • Must attend one of the first 4 ICC meetings for the semester
      • Fall 2021 ICC Meetings
        • Mondays, starting 8/23, from 12pm to 1pm on Zoom
          *Except holidays*
      • Must present club charter proposal at the meeting.