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Inter-Club Council (ICC) Meetings for FALL 2020
*ICC Mtg on 10/26/2020, please see details below under meetings tab*

ICC meets every Monday 12pm to 1pm
*Except holidays*

Due to COVID-19 precautions we are currently working remotely. Please reach out via email:
Please check your Ohlone Emails. For more information please visit:


2020-2021 Ohlone Student Clubs

Meeting times and locations may vary, we do our best to make sure they're updated frequently.
However, if you're interested in joining a club we advise that you contact the club advisor directly
or attend one of our CLUB DAYS events held at the beginning of each semester.
For more information regarding specific clubs please visit: CLUB PRESENTATIONS (CLICK HERE)

**If you're a member of a club and you do not see your club info listed please contact**

If a club name/info is striked out it means they've missed 4 ICC meetings & have been deemed inactive.
Please reach out to the advisor(s) if you'd like information regarding the club.

Club Name Purpose of the Club


Location,Time, Day(s)

Social Media Advisor's Name  Advisor's Email
A^2Pi To promote the advancement of under represented students and to promote diversity.   Instagram LinkAI Club Facebook Link Rose-Margaret Itua
Advocating Success for Children To provide a platform for us to focus on children's life, growth environment, and educational opportunities. To provide members with opportunities to participate in projects that care for children, especially children with special needs, and to exchange ideas. Our mission is to re-recognize and understand the disadvantaged groups, and create better living conditions & education opportunities for them. Thursdays
8am - 9am

Zoom ID: 6972335415

Zoom Passcode: Email the advisor
  Gavin Deare
AI Club To build a collaborative AI community where people can share innovative ideas and work as teams to explore different aspects of AI, no prior knowledge is needed.

11am - 2pm

Zoom ID: 99175725241

AI Club Facebook Link AI Club Instagram Suporn Chenhansa
American Medical
Student Association (AMSA)
Hosting activities for the pre-health, pre-dental, pre-nursing, pre-pharmacy students to get more exposure to the field. Sharing resources with them. Bi-Weekly 
at 3pm

AMSA FACEBOOKInstagram Link Margaret Kauffman
American Sign Language (ASL) Club To promote interactions, on & off campus, between Deaf students, ASL students, and interpreter preparation program students. To educate and share the rich culture of the Deaf community within the Ohlone community.

7pm - 8:30pm

Zoom ID:

Mtg Passcode:
Email the advisor

Instagram Link Nan Zhou
Thomas Holcomb

Ascenders Investment Club To provide Ohlone Students with a community where they can learn and grow in the field of investing.   Instagram Link Long Nguyen
Beta Tau Mu 
Honors Society
To encourage a sense of community among high-achieving students and get involved in campus activities relevant to academics. INACTIVE   Andrew Wise
Black Student Union To improve the ethical treatment and representation of Black students at Ohlone; and to be a safe haven for all Black students while offering membership to non-black students. INACTIVE   Dr. Janice Jones
Tijan White
Cards for Courage To provide emotional support to hospital patients and healthcare workers through hand-drawn cards with uplifiting messages. During the global COVID-19 outbreak, we will be sending appreciation cards to hospital workers of local hospitals to show our support.

(Odd Weeks) Fridays 
4pm - 5pm

Zoom ID:

AMSA FACEBOOKInstagram Link Shyam Sundar
Civic Engagement Club To promote civic engagement among Ohlone College students. Bi-Weekly 

Brad Bettridge

Computer Vision Club To introduce the basic knowledge of computer vision to students. Use the knowledge of computer vision to understand the principles of autonomous driving and face recognition. Give members an intuitive experience of computer vision through interesting and inspiring projects. Bi-Weekly
2pm - 3pm

Discord Link
  Chieko Honma
Data Science Club To bring undergrad students together, who have an interest in statistics, in order to build a community which will foster skills and aid in career development. Host events to help fellow students understand how to analyze the data & then connect the information learned to our society.     Emmanuel Garcia
Dot-Slash Computer
To facilitate club members' interest in different fields of computer science. To give members' insights into the different sectors of the tech industry. To encourage other Ohlone students to study programming.

4:30pm - 6pm

Zoom ID:

AMSA FACEBOOKInstagram Link Todd Stewart
Economics Club To create a platform for students who have interests in economic concepts and the economics world, to study behavior and interactions of economics and share their ideas. The club hopes to provide a chance for members to discover their interests and envelope their specific views.   Instagram Link Jila McQuirk
Game Development Study and creation of both physical and digital games. A club for students wanting to expand their knowledge of game creation and/or pursue game design and development as a career.


Discord Link

GSA Facebook Nathan Oliver
Genders & Sexualities 
Alliance (GSA)
To provide a safe space for people of various identities.

12pm - 1pm

Zoom ID
(CLICK HERE to register)

GSA Facebook

Laurel Richardson

Kyle Livie

Girls Who Code To educate, equip, & inspire girls (and anyone else) interested in programming with technical skills in order to pursue careers or general interests in the field of computer science.



  Yukai Lin
IEEE STEAM Expand the knowledge of members by embarking on ambitious projects with humanitarian focus and promoting Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math through outreach and workshops. Through this club and its projects, members will benefit Ohlone College and the local community.   AMSA FACEBOOKInstagram Link Rose Margaret Itua
IMPACT (Christian) Club To cultivate intimate fellowship and connect with like-minded believers on campus for the purpose of sharing Christ with others.



GSA FacebookInstagram Link Margaret Lee
International Club To help international students adapt to life in the US, and to provide opportunities for members to build friendships at the college.


  Mandy Yip
MEChA Promote higher education, culture and history; community service, & outreach to high school. Creating a community where Latinx students can feel comfortable.

1pm - 2pm


Instagram Link Jennifer Jovel
Brenda Arteaga Reynoso
Muslim Student 
Association (MSA)
To give a safe environment for students to learn about Islam and bond. To hold community events and participate within the Ohlone community.


Google Meets

GSA FacebookInstagram Link Nadia Dadgar
Ohlone Badminton Club To provide a casual environment for badminton enthusiasts to enjoy the sport. We invite all students regardless of age or experience to come and play. INACTIVE   Robert Smith
Ohlone Business Society To teach students about business.     Rebecca Ozoa
Ohlone Chinese Student
& Scholars Association
To help Chinese students become more integrated into Ohlone and their society, provide information and resources to help them achieve their goals.     Yong Gao
Ohlone Engineering Club (OEC) To inspire students studying in the STEM field. Participate in a variety of competitions and networking events to involve our students in the community.

Tuesdays or Fridays


AI Club Facebook LinkInstagram Link Rose Margaret Itua
Ohlone FANS Club
"Food & Nutrition Sciences"
To educate students on understanding what is in the food they consume and to help them make right choices, personally & professionally. Develop teamwork skills & sense of responsibility towards themselves and the world. Empower students and encourage interactions between students, faculty, staff & community.

7pm - 8pm


AI Club Facebook Link Dr. Jasvinder Kaur
Ohlone Math Club Preparing for the AMA-TYC test; promoting critical thinking. INACTIVE   Liz Pannell
Ohlone Physics Club To establish an environment that encourages and inspires students to think outside of the box, and provide real world opportunities Currently not actively meeting or hosting events.   Lowell Hazelton
Ohlone Psychology Club Discuss issues related to psychology and everyday life, raise awareness related to psychology and get more students involved. Currently not actively meeting or hosting events.   Sheldon Helms
Ohlone South Asian Association (OSSA)

To create a community for the gathering & celebration of South Asian (Indian) culture at Ohlone College. Establish a group where students of South Asian descent can come together to share their experiences with all of Ohlone College

  Table Tennis Club FacebookInstagram Link Sweta Mukherje
Ohlone Sustainability Club Promote values of ethic, economics & the environment through inwardly sustainable microsystems here on campus to provide the community with feasible microsolutions.   Instagram Link Jeff Watanabe
Ohlone Tai Chi/Qigong Provide extra practice, community service and competition.     May Chen
Ohlone Table Tennis Promote teamwork/sportmanships via table tennis; connect ohlone students and faculty.   Table Tennis Club Facebook Long Nguyen
Performing Arts Guild To encourage and support the performing arts at Ohlone. Wednesdays
Instagram Link Fred Alim
Photo Club To create a platform for student photographers at Ohlone College. We can provide friendly environment for members to communicate, enrich their experiences, and enhance their photography skills.
As of 10/19 they are currently, temporarily INACTIVE
while they search for a new advisor
Renegade Esports Support student gamers at Ohlone College, encourage outreach into high schools, provide competitive opportunities and intercollegiate activities.


Instagram Link Deborah Lemon
SACNAS Promote science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) among a diverse population of students at Ohlone.



  Maru Grant
Luba Voloshko
Self Defense Club To share self-defense stratagies and build students' confidence. INACTIVE   Joshua Bollman
Scientific Research Journal Club (SRJC) To stimulate conversations regarding current scientific discoveries, such as rare child genetic disorders, the coronavirus, the next best thing to hands-on research for STEM majors, reading & discussing scientific journals. Bi-Weekly
at 8pm
  Laurel Issel-Tarver
Social Welfare Club To create a platform for students to help the society in it's possible need & fulfilling the responsibilities to the society. We also involve students with extra-curricular activities beyond academia. We want to bring awareness to students about social responsibilities. Our mission is to help the society become a better place.     Maha Jacobs
Society of Women Engineers
Collegiate Interest Group (SWE)
To support and promote the advancement of women in engineering & stem generally. Bi-Weekly
Instagram Link

Rose-Margaret Itua

Liz Pannell

United Women of Color To educate, engage, and empower both women and men in our community. To instill a higher level of drive and offer resources in order to nourish those goals.

1st & 3rd

Zoom Link
(CLICK HERE) Arden Ambrocio

2020-2021 Inter-Club Council (ICC) Meetings

If you have any questions regarding Student Clubs and/or ICC please do not hesitate to reach out to us via email:

ICC Chair: Christian Aleman

October 26, 2020 Zoom Mtg ID: 95374130570  12:00pm-1:00pm

MSA Money Request

October 19, 2020

This meeting has been cancelled

12:00pm - 1:00pm This meeting has been cancelled.
October 12, 2020 Zoom Mtg ID: 95374130570
Recording Link (CLICK HERE)
12:00pm - 1:00pm AGENDA; MINUTES
MEChA Money Request
Club Accounts Presentation (PDF)
October 5, 2020

Zoom Mtg ID:95374130570
Recording Link (CLICK HERE)

12:00pm - 1:00pm AGENDA; MINUTES
Step Up Ohlone's Presentation
UWOC Money Request (added/agenda amended)
*September Club Report Forms due by this mtg*
September 28, 2020 Zoom Mtg ID:95374130570
Recording Link (CLICK HERE)
12:00pm - 1:00pm AGENDA; MINUTES
Starting Point Mentorship Program (UC Berkeley)
OCxBerkeley Presentation Flyer
Berkeley Presentation Links
September 21, 2020 Zoom Mtg ID:95374130570
Recording Link (CLICK HERE)
12:00pm - 1:00pm


M.S.A Money Request
New Club App: Photo Club
New Club App: 3D Hologram & 5G Club
New Club App: Tassel Link
New Club App: Phi Theta Alpha

September 14, 2020 Zoom Mtg ID:95374130570

Recording Link (Click HERE)


New Club App: Cards for Courage
New Club App: IEEE STEAM Club
New Club App: Economics Club
New Club App: Computer Vision Club
New Club App: Social Welfare Club
New Club App: Advocating Success for Children

August 31, 2020 Zoom Mtg ID: 92312221200 12:00pm-1:00pm

Parliamentary Procedures Presentation
New Club Application: SRJ

August 24, 2020 Zoom Mtg ID: 7298197277 12:00PM - 1:00PM AGENDA; MINUTES
ICC Welcome Presentation
May 11, 2020
*LAST Mtg of SP20*
Zoom Mtg ID: 729 819 7277 12:00PM - 1:00PM AGENDA; MINUTES
May 4, 2020 Zoom Mtg ID: 729 819 7277 12:00PM - 1:00PM AGENDA; MINUTES

*For copies of previous years' Agendas & Minutes please contact

2020-2021 CLUB EVENTS




Inter-Club Council (ICC) Club Handbook

It is expected that all club executives and advisors read through the Club Handbook. The handbook contains information on holding meetings, sponsoring events, participating in ICC, field trip procedures, and much more. It is critical to abide by all club policies and procedures.

Ohlone College Inter-Club Council (ICC) Club Handbook (PDF)
*Note: this document is currently being updated*

Starting a NEW Club

Don't see a club listed above, and want to start a new one? It's easy...

  1. Gather at least 5 student members willing to regularlarly participate in club activities.
    • Members must be enrolled in classes and have a valid Ohlone Student ID Number
  2. Obtain an ADVISOR.
    • Advisors MUST be employees of Ohlone College and approved by the Office of Student Life
  3. Submit a completed New Club Charter form to the Office of Student Life
  4. Attend the next ICC meeting following submission of the New Club Application form
    • Must attend one of the first 4 ICC meetings for the semester (Last day to submit application, for presentation the following Monday is 9/17/2020)
      • Fall 2020 ICC Meetings
        • Mondays, starting 8/24, from 12pm to 1pm on Zoom
          *Except holidays*
    • Must present club charter proposal at the meeting.

Frequently Used Forms/Documents

Frequently Asked Questions

  • "I'm a club advisor, how do I create a recurring zoom meeting link for my club?"
  • "My club is hosting an event and we want to post a flyer to canvas, how do we do that?"
    • Send a PNG or JPEG version of the flyer to and
    • In the body of the email provide a title for the flyer posting & a text version of the flyer
      • Text version of the flyer means - the information provided on the flyer, in text.

*This section is still being constructed. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at