WebAdvisor 1098T Tuition Statements - Cashier's Office

Please read the following information and policies regarding WebAdvisor 1098T tuition statements:

  • If you have not elected to receive your 1098T tuition statement online, you will be provided with a paper copy.

  • Once consent has been given, all future 1098T tuition statements will be provided solely through your WebAdvisor account.

  • To print your current and past 1098T tuition statement, please login to your WebAdvisor account. From the Student's Menu please select View My 1098T Forms from the Financial Information Menu.

  • To receive a paper statement after giving consent, please contact the Cashier's Office at the Fremont campus, Building 19, Room 19-108A (Fremont Campus Map). 

  • To withdraw your consent to view your 1098T online, please login to your WebAdvisor account and opt out through the Student Profile link of the Student's Menu.

  • To update your information with Ohlone College, please visit Admissions and Records: How to update Ohlone Student Records

  • WebAdvisor requirements to view forms:

    • Internet Explorer 7.0 or greater
    • Safari 3.0 or greater
    • Firefox 3.0 or greater