Q: What do I do if I need to withdraw?

Q: Will Admissions and Records be open?

Although the campus is not staffed at this time we are still open and are working remotely. If you have general questions please send an email to:  or call 510-659-6100.

Q: Can I still request a transcript to be sent to other colleges and universities while the campus is closed?

Although in-person pick up of transcripts has been suspended you can still request a transcript to either be mailed or electronically sent directly to your email/address or the college/university of your choice. To request a transcript please submit your request to: 

Q: Will I still receive the degrees and certificates I have applied for from Ohlone College?

We are still reviewing and awarding degrees and certificates. Diplomas can still be ordered and mailed through our vendor. 

Q: Can I submit documents online?

We are accepting documents online. Students can send all admissions-related documents to  

Q: Is Ohlone still accepting applications online for upcoming semesters?

Yes, we are still accepting applications online. Instructions to complete an application can be found at:  For general questions regarding applications, you can call 510-659-6100.

Q: How can I get my transcripts from other colleges/universities evaluated? What if I only have a paper copy?

We are still evaluating transcripts. For questions regarding transcript evaluation please send an email to: If you have a paper copy that you would like reviewed during the shutdown, please scan and send a copy to:

Q: I'm a continuing student at Ohlone, will I still receive a priority registration date for the upcoming Summer and Fall term?

Yes, students will still receive an email sometime in early April containing their priority registration date. If the College plans for any changes to this timeline, the College will post an update at: If you have additional questions regarding priority registration, please email:



Click here for FAQs about Pass/No Pass for Spring 2020 only.



Q: How can I set up an appointment with a counselor? 

Counseling is still setting up appointments for you to speak to a counselor. The counselors can call you or do your appointment remotely with you through video chat or via email. Please visit our website for video and/or chat hours and instructions at

Q: How can I chat with a drop-in counselor?

You may chat with drop-in counselors online M-F. Please visit our website for video and/or chat hours and instructions at

Q: (Graduation) Does a counselor need to sign my petition for graduation?

Rest assured we are looking at our current processes to develop a plan to continue to evaluate transcripts.  Please check back periodically for updates.

Q: How can I get a prerequisite cleared?

You may chat with drop-in counselors online M-F. Please visit our website for video and/or chat hours and instructions at:

Q: How do I get a substitution approved for my class from another college?

You may chat with drop-in counselors online M-F. Please visit our website for video and/or chat hours and instructions at:

Q: How do I turn in my AP scores to my counselor?

As long as you have an Ohlone College ID# you will be able to access our Counseling services.

You may chat with drop-in counselors online M-F. Please visit our website for video and/or chat hours and instructions at

Q: How can I find out what my probation status is and clear my academic standing?

Log in to your WebAdvisor account and click on “student profile”, under academic standing you'll see the current academic standing you have.

Q: How can I get my Petition for Reinstatement Contract signed?

You may chat with drop-in counselors online M-F. Please visit our website for video and/or chat hours and instructions at

Q: Can I still get a student education plan or update my existing plan?

You can request to meet with counseling using our Online Counseling options of emailing a counselor or requesting to meet with a counselor through virtual chat. You can access the Online Counseling options through the following link:

Q: I do not have a printer to scan information, what do I do?

Send an email counseling request via "link" and submit your request to the "online counselor" at the link:




Q: Will this affect my financial aid funding?

It depends and will be reviewed on a case by case basis. Financial Aid recommends at this time that students continue to attend their courses online if they are able to but to notify Financial Aid if they are unable to continue in a course and must reduce their unit load.

Q: Will this affect my GI Benefit?

At this time no adjustments are being made to VA students Benefits. We are awaiting further guidance from the Department of ED and will notify all VA students once we know what the outcomes are.

Q: Will this affect my Work-Study Funding?

At this time, Federal Work-Study students are still able to come into work as long as services remain open. It the campus moves to a full shut down, then all Federal Work-Study students will continue to get paid for the hours they were scheduled for prior to the shutdown.

Q: What will happen to my financial aid if I withdraw from all of my courses?

I accordance with Federal regulations, if you completely withdraw from the college, your federal aid will be recalculated to determine how much of the aid you earned versus what was given to you. At that point, if Any portion of your financial aid needs to be returned, the financial aid office will notify you of the amount being returned as well as any financial obligation you may have to the College or the Federal Government.

Q: Am I still considered a full-time student for financial aid purposes if my class is canceled and I am unable to take at least 12 units?

Unfortunately, the Federal Guidelines state that if the college determines 12 units to be full-time status then we must abide by this in regards to paying your federal financial aid. If you drop a 3-unit course and are now in 9 units, you are considered a ¾ time student and will be paid you Financial assistance according to that status. There is no change in Federal financial aid for students that are taking 12 or more units.

Q: When will my financial Aid be disbursed to my student account?

All financial aid will be disbursed in accordance with the disbursement schedule listed on the Ohlone Financial Aid website. There will be no interruption or delay in the disbursement dates.

Q: What is the California College Student Emergency Fund?



Q: Graduation applications are being accepted now!

Graduation applications are being processed. Please follow the steps to complete your graduation application. If you have any further questions regarding your graduation status, email




Q: All of my in-person classes are changing to remote (online) instruction; will I be violating immigration regulations?

Remote instruction is allowed by SEVP (Student Exchange and Visitor Program) on a temporary basis as deemed necessary by Ohlone College and public health officials. SEVP has given schools permission to adapt their policies and procedures to address the public health concerns associated with COVID-19. F-1 visa students must continue to be enrolled in 12 units, 9 of those units must be designated as in-person, even if the instruction is remote.

Q: This is the first time I am taking classes remotely (not in person), how should I manage my schedule as I don’t need to go to class in person now?

When a class moves to remote instruction, classes will meet online during the regularly scheduled class time. Students will be virtually in class, live with the instructor and their classmates, where they will be able to ask questions and interact in real-time as if they were in their normal classroom.


You should try your best to maintain the same class schedule as if you were attending classes on campus. Find a designated space/room as your “classroom”, log in to each class according to your current class schedule. Plan the same amount of study/homework time after class. Contact your instructor through Canvas or email if you have questions.


Please refer to the following Student Lingo workshops to learn effective ways to manage classes offered remotely:

- “Tips for Success in Your Online Course”

- “Online Course: Staying Motivated & Discipline”

Go to Student Lingo and set up an account using your Ohlone student email.


Q: My I-20 expires at the end of May, how can I apply for an extension if the college is closed?

You may still apply for an extension of your I-20. Please email Kristi Radke, to request an extension request form. You will need to contact Counselor Mandy Yip to provide you with an updated SEP. Once you have all the required documents you can scan (or use a document scan app) and email them to Kristi Radke.


Q: I am currently on CPT and the company ended my internship, what should I do?

SEVP suggests that you attempt to continue with your internship remotely. If that is not possible then you will need to contact your WEX instructor to find out if you need to drop the WEX course. Then contact Kristi Radke,, to discuss your options.


Q: I was planning to go home during Spring break, may I leave earlier and take the classes remotely from my home country?

It is not advised that you travel during this time. There is currently a Global Health Advisory to reconsider all travel.

Some other things that need to be considered regarding travel:

  • Your ability to re-enter the US. Currently, there are many foreign nationals that are not allowed to enter the U.S. due to the global pandemic. These policies are changing quickly and if your country isn’t currently on the list, it may be added in the coming weeks or months. In addition, we do not know when the restrictions will end, and they could continue past August 2020.
  • Your ability to complete your courses. We are unsure when or if classes will resume on campus this semester. If you are unable to return (or have to be quarantined) in April or May you may not be able to complete your in-person units. This may affect your F-1 visa status.
  • Your health and safety. Please consider the COVID-19 situation in your country and the potential of contamination while traveling.
  • If you believe you must travel please contact Kristi Radke,, to discuss and fill out the appropriate paperwork




Q: How do I get my College Reports signed for transfer?

We are currently working on a process to complete your Common Application and Coalition Application Reports. Rest assured we are looking at options. Please check back for updated processes periodically.

Q: I have already submitted my college applications. Is there anything I need to do further?

If you have received your confirmation, make sure that you are signing up for the transfer college’s web portal to receive up-to-date information. If you have additional questions, schedule an appointment with one of our counselors or log on to your transfer colleges website to access the instructions for student questions

Q: Will I be able to have a transcript evaluated?

Counseling services are the same as they have always been. You should be able to send a counselor your unofficial transcript for review and they can review with you. Counselors are set up to still provide the range of services we provide to students. Student Education Plans can be developed remotely and emailed to you for assistance with your academic goal planning, graduation progress review, and other support.

The Vice President of Student Services serves as administrator for student services. Students are encouraged to contact the Vice President of Student Services for information and assistance.

Student Services Offices

All departments are available via email and phone Monday - Thursday, 8:00 - 5:00 PM. Ohlone is closed on Fridays through August 16, 2020.


    Department Office Location 
    Admissions & Records Fremont & Newark


    • Academic Counseling
    • Personal Counseling
    • Personal Development Courses
    • Orientation
    • Transfer
    Fremont & Newark
    Extended Opportunity Programs & Services (EOPS) Fremont
    Financial Aid Fremont & Newark
    International Student Programs & Services Fremont
    Office of the Ombudsperson Fremont

    Student Accessibility Services (SAS, formerly DSPS)

    Fremont & Newark

    Student Health Center

    • Medical Services
    • Mental Health Counseling
    Fremont & Newark

    Student Life

    Fremont & Newark




    • The cafeteria is located in Building 5 on the Fremont campus and in the 1st floor lobby of the Newark Center.
    • Athletics offices are located in Building 9 on the Fremont campus.