Student Services Curriculum

Student Services Curriculum

Student Services focuses on the whole student and the entire student learning experience. Everything we do contributes to and promotes the quality of student learning. The vision of Student Services will center around five main learning concepts that will guide our work in defining our division's Student Learning Outcomes


Student Services helps students develop personal responsibility for their lives, and their learning skills such as time management, budgeting, and ability to meet deadlines. Students learn self sufficiency, responsibility, and accountability through the co-curriculum processes of online admissions, assessment, orientation, financial aid, transfer and career services, individualized counseling, and personal health services.


Student Services provides the co-curriculum of respect of self and others through a myriad of student development opportunities designed for learning about differences and commonalities. Participation in competitive sports and the opportunity to understand one's own and others' learning abilities and disabilities are components of respect. Student Services focuses on building a diverse learning community that demonstrates the value of each individual through trust, cooperation, and teamwork in an environment of civility


Student Services helps students develop their honesty of character through awareness and intervention. The student code of conduct is built in tandem with the academic dishonesty regulations. The lack of gossip is encouraged.


Student Services is in the role of providing leadership skill building opportunities through student development workshops, classes, and one-to-one mentoring. Campus activities, associated students, clubs, peer mentors, launching leadership workshop series are all fundamental components of teaching students leadership skills.


As one of our students said, "Everyone wants and needs to know their purpose." Student Services is composed of professional educators who provide learning opportunities for students to self discover purpose. We provide leadership opportunities, academic advising, and personal and emotional support as students transform themselves through their self learning and academic efforts. Purpose is powerful.

Ohlone Student Services' vision is an achievable possibility centered around the five concepts of a curriculum of Responsibility, Respect, Integrity, Leadership, and Purpose. The possibilities of Student Services are the possibilities for students, and the possibilities for students are the possibilities for Ohlone College.