In attendance: Debbie Trigg, Mark Lieu, Ann Burdett, Deborah Griffith, Jennifer Harper, Laura Weaver, Kathleen Schoenecker, Wayne Takakuwa and Ron Travenick.

Get It Done Day – Fall 2014 (Mark)

  • Mark presented concept to Deans and SLOAC
  • SLOAC voted to approve the student success and equity centered GIDD for August 19, 2014
  • Lesley, Chris Bolt, Wayne and Mark will be involved in planning
  • Mark will work with Mike Bowman to get the data components prepared for GIDD
  • Basic outline: Brief overview of SSSP Plan (specifically, mandated services) & Equity Plan, information presented on how we are supporting students in classes, overview of success data for college and then by department/courses. Faculty will then break out to work with departments on success-related questions which Mark will prepare in advance. The idea is to use the data and questions to evaluate department/program SLOs and assessments and to incorporate this analysis into the program/course reviews.
  • Jen recommends we have a Student Service “room” where tutoring, DSPS, counseling, financial aid, emergency response, mental health and other related services are available to consult with faculty

RP Conference (Jen)

  • RP Student Success Conference scheduled for October 8-9, 2014 in Costa Mesa
  • So far we have confirmed Rachel Sherman, Leta Stagnaro, Jeff Roberts, Kathleen, Mark, Jen, Lenore, Jesse and some Basic Skills Committee members will attend
  • Anyone on the committee who wishes to go should notify Jen or Wayne by May 7th
  • We are also reserving space for other faculty, via senate, who may want to attend

Student Success Plan Update (Wayne)

  • Budget is not done, but Wayne and Ron are working on it
  • Need details for the new funds allocated to tutoring coordination and tutoring support for at-risk students which Mark/Mike will work on
  • Feedback on plan is due by April 30th as the committee will vote to approve the plan at the May 1st meeting
  • An annual SSSP report will be due each year beginning with June 2015
  • The committee expressed concern over the lack of planning on student equity
  • Ron will work with Dr. Browning to assign someone to coordinate the Equity Plan and work with College Council on the oversight of this plan
  • A funding matrix for equity has just been released and we should have more information in May on our school’s allocation

AP 5055 – (Jen/Ron)

  • Feedback per John Mullen to re-word the first paragraph to allow for exemptions
  • Jen suggests we include language on all other academic standings (i.e. subject to dismissal, dismissal)
  • Jen & Laura will send feedback to Ron on some minor grammatical issues by next week

Future Meeting Schedule

Room 7340, 10-1130am.

  • May 1, 2014 - Final draft of SSSP plan and approval of registration priorities
  • May 15, 2014

Ongoing Projects


General counseling began using the new codes on 3/11/14. Kathleen will look into the online counselor "platform" within SARS and report back at a later date. EOPS/DSPS are working with Kathleen to update their codes as well.

  • Jen
  • Wayne
  • Ann
  • Debbie
  • Nan
  • Kathleen Schoenecker
  • Susan

Academic Standing

Kathleen has rewritten the registration priorities program rule to identify 2nd semester probation/subject to dismissal/dismissal students to ensure their registration priority is removed for next term. There have also been errors found in this program that Kathleen/IT have been made aware of. Kathleen will look at creating a new program for Academic Standing as early as May 2014

  • Lenore Landavazo
  • Jen
  • Kathleen
  • Barbara

Financial Aid

We need to identify students at risk of losing their BOGW fee waivers to make sure we are notifying them and offering them the appropriate services.

  • Deborah
  • Ron
  • Kathleen
  • Jen

WebAdvisor/Student Profile

It met with Jen & Wayne back in Spring 2013 to draft a new proposal for the Student Profile interface which would help clean up "declared program", "major" and academic standing information. This project is on the IT prioritization list. We are waiting for IT to re-prioritize this project.

  • Wayne
  • Jen
  • Kathleen

Student Equity

Committee will be forming under College Council and direction from Ron

  • Debbie Trigg
  • Mark Lieu
  • Kathleen

Student Planner

We are moving forward with adopting Ellucian's student planner as our initial student system. We plan to re-evaluate our options once MAP and other state-wide systems are available in 3-4 years. This system will require an evaluation of our degree audit system, articulation and testing

  • Wayne
  • Heather
  • Mzao
  • Kathleen

ESEPs & SEP Workshops

The counseling department needs to develop policies and procedures for ensuring all students with 15 or more units are offered the opportunity to complete education plans. A preliminary proposal to begin these workshops in Fall 2014 has been put into our SSSP plan and will continue to be discussed.

  • Jen
  • Mandy
  • Diane


A new type of orientation was piloted for Spring 2014. There is also a new online orientation available to students. We are looking at implementing late-start PD classes to help accommodate students who miss orientation and enroll before going through the process. The committee will also look at offering .5 unit PD courses and/or positive attendance options for students completing matriculation. We also need to look further at the best way to provide iSEPs to new students.

  • Jesse
  • Lenore
  • Wayne
  • Kathleen S. (IT)
  • Linh
  • Jared
  • Frances

SSSP Plan (due October 17, 2014)

The plan was presented to Faculty Senate on 4/2/14. The draft will be presented to College Council in May 2014. A draft will be voted on by the SS Committee on 5/1/14. The plan needs to be approved by the Board by September 2014.

  • Mark Lieu
  • Wayne

College-wide communications

Part of the new legislature requires us to help the entire campus community look at student success issues and how we can all play a role in their success. The committee is putting together a plan to start disseminating this information across the campus. This includes presentations to college counsel, faculty senate and future staff development training. Presentations were made to college counsel and faculty senate in Fall 2013. Ron and Wayne will develop a staff development workshop for April 2014. We are also working on a college-wide staff development "day" in the fall where all faculty will focus on equity & student success within their program/course evaluation work.

  • Ron
  • Wayne

Counseling Position Proposal

We'd like to pull our data (i.e. how many students we currently see for SEPs, etc. and compare it to those we are now mandated to see) and push forward with position proposals for more counseling monies (part time and/or full time). Can include a counselor to caseload Basic Skills work, Financial Aid and, perhaps, someone to run an early alert/intervention program.

  • Susan Myers?
  • Wayne
  • Jen

WebAdvisor Error Message Updates

Using the current error message list to try and improve the communications we give out to students.

  • Frances
  • John Mullen/Laura?

Ongoing - Budget

A preliminary budget has been approved and continues to be revised as the state directs other money our way.

  • Wayne
  • Ron

Completed Projects


General Counseling began using the new SARS codes on 3/11/14

Future/Ongoing Topics for Committee

  • Training on BOG Fee Waiver changes
  • Student Equity (moving to a new committee under College Council)
  • Follow up on: matriculation exemptions, WebAdvisor error messages, orientation blocks
  • MIS/SARS data: what do we need to capture; how to reflect this in SARS
  • ESEP
  • Student Service divisions discussion on new matriculation processes within individual programs (i.e. requiring SEP for registration priority)
  • Confidentiality DSPS vs. EOPS vs. General = duplication of services
  • XAP application updates/focusing on new educational goals
  • Technical Priorities list