Studio 22 - Theatre and Dance History

Man at a desk.Norman Keuschbaum in the costume shop in Studio 22.

So you found this little note. … Studio 22 was the first theatre structure on the old Serra Center campus. It originally had a proscenium and raised wooden stage area that was level into the shop.

The seating area was actually below grade, with the two side doors opening out into below ground stairwells. There was a lobby but restrooms were located in a nearby building.

It was known as a speed building, and sold to the school for a "lease to own" deal. It was to be a temporary building.When the new campus was built in 1973, funds running low for any new theatre structure, the college, brought the old Studio 22 building to the new site, in two large sections, where it was used for 18 more years.

In its new location it had been reconfigured for television but funding again ran out and Craig Jackson was asked to use it as a black box theatre. It was all on one level and a prop loft and lobby bathrooms were added. Later the loft was converted to the costume shop as we inherited Stan's garage for props.The Candelighters gave us a grant for the conversion and for a washer and dryer.

Studio 22 was home to generations of drama students over the years, housing the Repertory theatre program, serving as the makeup and dressing room for the Summerfests, and housing many experimental staging in the round, thrust and end stage use.

"Noises Off" was the last production presented in the building, as it was demolished in the summer of 1993 to make way for the new performing center.

[Editor, Mark Nelson. Additional comments by former students are encouraged to fill in information about Studio 22.]