COVID-19 Update: All planned study abroad courses are canceled until further notice. Rest assured, we will be traveling and learning as soon as it is safe to do so again. If you are interested in participating in a study abroad opportunity, please contact the instructors associated with each study abroad course listed below. The instructors will be able to notify you when study abroad trips will resume.

Why Study Abroad?

Study Abroad gives students the opportunity to learn and appreciate the history, culture, language, people, and unique environments of other countries. Students who travel abroad gain life experience, broaden their comfort zones, share experiences with new friends, and develop new interests. These types of experiences shape who we are, how we think, and help determine how we perceive others now, and for the rest of our lives. When students study abroad, they generally take one or more Ohlone courses while outside the U.S. 

Please see below for current and future opportunities to study abroad with us. Ohlone courses are open to any California resident.

Upcoming Study Abroad Opportunities:

  • Summer 2020:  Touring Theatrical Production- Fringe Festival Scotland




Cost and Logistics

Study abroad courses are usually General Education, and credits count as electives or toward a degree.  The cost of the courses vary depending on the length of time, and location visited.  In addition to the cost of course credits, students must also cover the cost of travel (airfare, ground transportation, tours, guides, meals, gratuity, etc). 

Each instructors will know the cost of the course in advance.  Ohlone uses educational travel contractors to handle the logistics and payments for travel.  Often, the travel contractors set up payment plans and the cost can be covered in monthly installments up to a year in advance.  We recognize that for many students, the financial burden of Study Abroad is a barrier to participation.  However, international study in community college now is much more affordable than at a four-year institution later.  There are a number of grants and scholarships that can help students fund their international travel experience.  In addition, Ohlone College has scholarships dedicated to students who wish to Study Abroad.

Study Abroad History

Since 1990, Ohlone College has supported international travel experiences for our students.  Our faculty have taken students to 16 different countries across the globe on 60 different Study Abroad Experiences.  Ohlone students have traveled to England, Ireland, Australia, France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Egypt, China, Cambodia, Vietnam, Canada, Mexico, and Costa Rica.  Our trips have ranged from Study Tours (7-9 days), Summer Abroad, to entire semesters where coursework is taken and completed at a host college.

Recent Study Abroad Courses:

  • Semester Sydney 2010
  • Natural History of Baja California Spring Break 2015
  • Tropical Environment and Culture of Costa Rica, Winter Break 2017
  • Environmental Field Studies in Costa Rica, Winter Break 2019
  • Intercultural Communications in Greece and Italy, Summer 2019