Suicide Prevention - Student Health Center

People with stressed faces.The following websites provide some very good information about preventing suicide, warning signs and how to access help. However, no website can be a substitute for getting help from a caring, trained professional. This is true whether you are considering suicide or are concerned about someone who may be.

Ohlone College Personal Counseling Services staff are available to consult with members of the College community to help consider the best ways to assist someone who is distressed, given the uniqueness of each person and their circumstances.

Suicide Prevention at Ohlone College

Concern about the possibility of suicide is understandable on any college campus. We know that suicide is the second highest cause of death (following accidents) nationally for people in the college age group.

To continue the work of making Ohlone College as safe an environment as possible, suicide prevention is everyone's responsibility. None of us can see and hear all that goes on around us, so we all have to be alert to signs of distress in others.

We are committed to protecting not just students who may be considering suicide, but also to preserving the quality of life for the community surrounding that person.

In a Crisis and Need Help?

Call a crisis support hotline (see Crisis Resources) or go to your local hospital emergency room.

Resources for Faculty and Staff

If you are looking for resources specific to faculty and staff, please go to the Resource Kit for Suicide Prevention.