Team News, 2011 Season - Ohlone College Renegades Men's Soccer

Match Report: Renegades Open Conference play with close win over Chabot

  • Game Day: Friday, September 23, 2011
  • Ohlone of Coast South Division, Conference Match
  • Chabot @ Ohlone
  • Chabot 2, Ohlone 3

Ohlone positioned itself early on to go ahead but a foul in the Chabot box would not be called and the Renegades were put to battle a solid Chabot side led by Alfredo Navarro and keeper Gonzalez Alejandro. Moments later another opportunity as Greivin Pacheco Quesada would again be dropped atop the Chabot box went unnoticed by the center official.

The game was not going to come to Ohlone easy, as Chabot got the go ahead late in the first half when a corner kick cleared on the line by Ohlone was stopped short on the edge of the penalty box by Navarro for a quick shot and goal for Chabot, moments later Ohlone would have the same opportunity off a corner and Greivin Pacheco Quesada would find the goal, but the official called it back and placed a foul on the Renegades.

The home side saw a total of four yellows including one the bench for a technical foul. Two minutes before end of the first half Ohlone were squashed by a shot from the far right side that got by the back line and keeper, Juan Mortinez.

Half two Ohlone come out focused and intense. The game was fought hard by the midfield of Ohlone being anchored by Luis Chavez and Hector Romero. A hard push by the Renegades on the backline gave Quesada a chance to slot Martin Lopez for a header the Renegades' first goal.

Chabot countered and put an attack on the Ohlone goal, but Raoul Chavez was defending and managing his back line keeping the visitors at bay. As the game wore on the Renegades again pushed, but later Quesada's quick defensive run put pressure on the Chabot back line that forced a turn over putting the duo of Quesada-Lopez to task again. The game was hard fought with fouls, intensity and tenacity on both ends.

With ten minutes left Ohlone stole the ball off a midfield push by Chabot and Quesada would now find Dominic Hertz for the finish up the middle.

"We kept our focus", said Coach Nordmo, "We have been getting better and better at this. We feel our team is accelerating and learning from our mistakes. In the past we may have peaked early, we really feel we are our way up now."

Time (minutes)
Goal by Assist by
Chabot 28 Alfredo Navarro Romero Danilo
Chabot 43 Rojo Chrisitan N/A
Ohlone 48 Martin Lopez Greivin Pacheco Quesada
Ohlone 79 Martin Lopez Greivin Pacheco Quesada
Ohlone 80 Dominc Hertz Greivin Pacheco Quesada
Fouls 9 8
Yellows 1 4
Reds 0 0
Corners 3 3
Shots 8 8
Saves 6 5


  • Chabot - Gonzales, Alejandro 45 min. GA 0
  • Chabot - Bustos, Ricardo 45 min. GA 3
  • Ohlone -Mortinez, Juan 90 min. GA 2
Chabot 4-3-1 0-1-0 0-0-0
Ohlone 2-3-3 1-0-0 0-0-0

Next opponent for Ohlone: Tuesday, September 27, 2011, at 4:00pm vs. Canada College at Canada.

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