About the Committee

We want this committee to be highly visible and responsive to the needs of Ohlone's technology users and welcome all feedback and suggestions. The committee's purpose is to focus on employee (faculty & staff) equipment and training requirements.

Technology Committee meetings are held the 1st Thursday of February, March, April, May, September, October, November, and December from 3:30-4:30 pm. Meetings takes place in Building 7, 1st Floor, Room 7101 and via ZOOM video conference (details posted on agendas).

Jeff O'Connell and Scott Snyder serve as committee chairs, are the main conduits for your suggestions and questions, and will be sending out announcement emails reminding you to look to this page. For more information about the committee, please contact Jeff O'Connell at joconnell@ohlone.edu or Scott Snyder at ssnyder4@ohlone.edu. You can also email the entire committee at techcomm@ohlone.edu. Feel free to email questions about how technology is working at Ohlone.

We look forward to your involvement! 

Committee Members - 2019/2020

  • Jeff O'Connell (Co-Chair)
  • Jennifer Hurley
  • Deborah Lemon
  • Ron Sha
  • Tracy Virgil
  • Paul Belasky
  • Rakesh Swamy
  • Paul Mueller
  • Laurel Richardson
  • Vy Le
  • Lori Silverman
  • Lynn Hickson
  • Heidi Barkow
  • Mike Martinez
  • Ben Peralta
  • Shasanka Nudurupati

Ex-Officio Members

  • Scott Snyder (Co-Chair)
  • Chris Dela Rosa
  • Steven Reeves
  • Diana Garza
  • Gari Browning
  • Andrew LaManque
  • Milton Lang
  • Shairon Zingsheim