Television Studios and Control Rooms - Ohlone College Broadcasting: Film, TV & Video Classes

ONTV 28.

Ohlone College Television's studios are located in the Smith Center across from the Jackson Theatre. We give regular tours of the facility and visitors are always welcome to sit in on a class or watch a taping or broadcast. Call us at (510) 659-6595 or email

TV Studio A

TV Studio A is the larger of the two TV studios in the Ohlone TV complex. It was designed as a live broadcast studio, covering about 3,000 square feet. TV Studio A is equipped with a complete fixed light grid and 96 2.4K dimmer channels for lighting. The Studio has large double soundstage doors for easy loading.

TV Studio A is equipped with 4 Sony studio video cameras, 3 on pedestal and the fourth on a motorized jib. We use Comrex Pl; prompters are 17" flat screen. In its current configuration, TV Studio A has a television news set, video wall, green screen, Color Tran dolly and 42 inch plasma screen available for rental.

The studio has connections for 6 cameras, outputs for video feed and audio feed, as well as teleprompter in and intercom and IFB connections. Studio walls each have their own mike I/O Panel with 8 mike imputs, return video feed as well as intercom and IFB connections. This provides us with a total of 32 mike inputs keeping the studio floor clear of mike lines. TV Studio A, B, and the entire Ohlone TV complex were designed by the former Director of Television Services Doug Prazak.

TV Control Room A

TV Control Room A is a full-sized, HD broadcast television control room featuring a Sony MVS 3000 HD Switcher and control panel, Mackie audio board, 2 channel Chyron Graffiti HD character generator, 360 Systems HD server, Black Magic HD-4K recorder, Comrex HD liveshot receiver and V-Brick Internet streaming device. We broadcast 24/7 on Comcast Channel 28, digital channel 97.7 and stream to the Internet at

Ohlone Broadcasting 'Control A' during a live broadcast.

Control A is designed to broadcast digital video and web stream to Comcast and the Internet from any location on the Ohlone College Fremont and Newark campuses. All newscasts are staffed by advanced students enrolled the Broadcasting: TV & Film program at Ohlone College.

We use Edius Non-Linear editing software running on a PC platform in all editing bays, and feature WinCue news formatting and teleprompter software.

We are completely tape-less but retain the capacity to record and playback on DV and playback on Beta.

Control room A contains a viewing platform for about 25 students or guests. Please call Arnie Loleng at (510) 979-7958 or email at to schedule a visit.

TV Studio B

Studio B was designed primarily as a dramatic TV studio for taping non-live programs. Studio B covers about 2,200 square feet. Like it's sister studio, Studio B is equipped with a camera input panel that provides connections for 6 cameras as well as output for video feed, audio feed, teleprompter feed, and intercom and IFB connections.

Ohlone College Broadcasting 'Studio B'.What makes Studio B different is the overhead catwalk and rolling catwalk. The catwalks provide additional camera and lighting locations. Studio B also has a fixed lighting grid and 96 2.4K dimmer channels for lighting. Beside the 32 mike inputs located on the studio walls, the catwalks also contain an additional 16 mike inputs for overhead and boom mikes, providing a total of 48 mike inputs. Studio B boasts two 12' soundstage doors that allow scenery to be brought in with ease. For in-studio construction, Studio B is equipped with an air line for pneumatic tools.

Ohlone College Broadcasting Department 'Control B'.

B Control

B Control features a state-of-the-art audio suite running Pro Tools on a G5 with a DigiDesign 002 and sixteen track recording in its own sound studio. The suite can also be tied in to B control's video racks making it an ideal place to do Foley work.

Sony Systems Integration Center

The television system here at Ohlone TV was designed, engineered, and installed by Sony Systems Integration Center. Flexibility was the key and a fairly extensive routing and patch system were engineered to meet our needs. The Smith Center has six different venues that had to be cabled for television broadcast as well as the newsroom and six edit bays. When the project was completed, over 26 miles of cable had been pulled by the Sony installation team, the same crew that installed the Letterman Theatre in New York.