Auditions: The Illusion Directed by Michael Navarra - 2016-2017 Season of the Theatre and Dance Department

Poster for The Illusion Auditions (book with whisps of smoke and sparkly bits flowing above it).Casting Notice - The Illusion by Tony Kushner

Ohlone College's award-winning Theatre and Dance department is holding auditions for The Illusion by Tony Kushner, freely adapted from Pierre Cornielle's L'Illusion Comique


The Illusion follows a contrite father, Pridamant, seeking news of his prodigal son from the sorcerer Alcandre. The magician conjures three episodes from the young man's life. Inexplicably, each scene finds the boy in a slightly different world: names change, allegiances shift and fairy-tale simplicity evolves into elegant tragedy. Pridamant watches, enthralled by the boy's struggles, but only as the strange tale reaches its conclusion does the father confront the ultimate - and unexpected - truth about his son. An enchanting argument for the power of theatrical imagination over reality, The Illusion weaves obsession and caprice, romance and murder, fact and fiction, into an enticing exploration of the greatest illusion of all - love.

Audition (14 roles)

  • Wednesday, May 10th 6-10pm

    **Email to set up an appointment
  • Drop-ins are also welcome
  • Callbacks will be held on Saturday, May 20th 10am-5pm


Smith Center at Ohlone College

43600 Mission Blvd, Fremont CA 94539


90-second monologue of your choice.


  • Rehearsals start September 5th.
  • Rehearsals will mostly be held Monday-Thursday 6-10pm until we get closer to tech. Then we'll rehearse on Fridays and Saturdays as well.


  • November 3-19
  • Thur-Sat performances at 8pm
  • One matinee performance to be scheduled during the week.

A note on casting

Ohlone College does not discriminate based on color, race, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, disabilities, gender, or otherwise. All performers will be given full consideration.

The characters' ages listed below are an approximation. We may cast actors of different ages for these roles.

All roles are open.

The Illusion - Character Breakdown

  • Pridamant of Avignon, a lawyer

    Male, 45+. Pridamant is the father of Calisto/Clindor/Theogenes, who he drove away from home at a young age.
  • Alicandre, a magician

    All genders, any age. As a sorcerer, Alcandre allows men, such as Pridamant to live vicariously through The Illusions that he creates by dark magic. Alcandre never enters the visions himself, instead preferring to watch the reactions of his clients as they view the lives of others unfold before them.
  • The Amanuensis, servant of Alcandre (also Geronte)

    All genders, ageless. The Amanuensis is the slave to Alcandre. Brutalized by his master, he is forced to enter The Illusions for his master's benefit, which causes him great physical pain and psychological duress. The Amanuensis is treated as less than human, as Alcandre pierces his eardrums and cuts out his tongue in order to assure his inferiority and silence.
  • Calisto/Clindor/Theogenes, son of Pridamant

    Male, approximately 18-32. He is the son of Pridamant who has fled to escape his father's tyranny. In The Illusions, he is in love with Melibea/Isabelle/Hippolyta, though he lusts for Elicia/Lyse/Clarina, as well as other women.
  • Melibea, a noblewoman in love with Calisto

    Female, approximately 18-26. She is a noblewoman who rejects Calisto, but then falls in love with him.
  • Isabelle, a noblewoman in love with Clindor

    Female, approximately 18-26. She is a noblewoman who falls in love with Clindor, but her father signed a wedding pact with Adraste. She has a dysfunctional relationship with her cruel father that mirrors that of Calisto/Clindor/Theogenes and Pridamant.
  • Hippolyta, beloved wife of Theogenes

    Female, approximately 20-32. She is the wife of Theogenes. Though her husband is unfaithful, she remains by his side.
  • Elicia, maid/friend of Melibea

    Female, approximately 18-26. She is the maid of Melibea and helps her and Calisto in their romance. She is brave and faithful.
  • Lyse, maid/friend of Isabelle

    Female, approximately 18-26. She is the maid of Isabelle. She's in love with Clindor, but helps him with Isabelle.
  • Clarina, maid/friend of Hippolyta

    Female, approximately 20-32. She is the faithful maid of Hippolyta.
  • Pleribo, rival of Calisto

    Male, 18-40. He is the rival of Calisto and the suitor of Melibea. Pleribo's attempts at chivalry fall flat in comparison to Calisto's, thus causing great jealousy and malicious retaliations.
  • Adraste, rival of Clindor

    Male, 18-40. He is the rival of Clindor and the suitor of Isabelle. Adraste feels he is entitled to marry Isabelle since her father chose him.
  • Prince Florilame, rival of Theogenes

    Male, 20-40. Prince Florilame returns home after learning that Theogenes has been sleeping with his wife.
  • Matamore, a lunatic

    Male, any age. Matamore is boisterous, crude and egotistical. As a suitor of Isabelle's, he is never a true threat to Clindor due to his preposterous attempts at romance. Considered to be the fool of the show, Matamore provides for much of its comedy.

About the Director

Michael Navarra directed Dog Sees God, Proof, Jesus Christ Superstar, Dracula, and One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest for Ohlone College. These productions have all been honored with awards and accolades by the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival. For more information, please visit:

Spending the End of the World on OkCupid

World Premiere by Jeffrey Lo

"Spending the End of the World on OkCupid, seamlessly directed by Michael Navarra and produced and performed by the talented cast and crew of Ohlone College Theatre and Dance department is a quick paced, thought provoking, visually hypnotic piece of entertainment."

-Janet Grant, Tri-City Voice

actors holding cell phones with the flash set to on.Woman in spotlight on stage with blue surrounding her and others on stage.

Several actors on stage sitting or standing in small groups or individually.

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

"The themes of power and control, courage and individuality, and the fight for dignity in the face of the ever pressing 'system' and evils of humanity are enduring subjects that Navarra and his cast bring powerfully to life. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest shows what great theatre is all about and is an experience that shouldn't be missed."

-Julie Grabowski, Tri-City Voice

Two men with arms raised with hospital works behind them.Man on his knees pleading.

Five men looking up, four with arms raised.


"The audience feels as though they are sitting on stage with the actors, oftentimes with characters popping up among them or coming right up to them in their seats. Dracula purists are likely to be pleased with this adaptation; on-stage action is intense and engaging."

-Jessica Noël Chapin, Tri-City Voice

Dracula moves to bite a woman.
A woman looks worried. Dracula scrapes his chest.
A woman dressed in a long white gown behind a window in the dark.

Jesus Christ Superstar

"Damn Impressive… Scrupulous staging…glitzy but lucid, not falling into the camp arena, as other productions tend to."

-Anna Pulley, East Bay Express

"Raw and intense."

-Jessica Noel Flohr, Tri-City Voice

"Michael Navarra and his creative team deserve extra credit for producing one of the most technically savvy and fully realized productions I have ever seen."

-Derek Martin, Adjudicator, Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival

Two men in masks hold a third bloody man.People in masks grab Jesus from behind.

Jesus is carried on the arms of many people.


"Proof is a strong and sure-footed production…engaging from beginning to end."

-Julie Grabowski, Tri-City Voice

Man and woman talking in front of house.Equations in white on upper wal; in blue on floor.

Front of a house at night shadowed by trees.

Dog Sees God

Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival Regional Finalist.

Under spotlight in black darkness, man looks up.Standing man covers mouth of seated second man.

Male and female actors stand on stage floor painted with rectangular pastel colored blocks.