PARRHESIA 2020: a Community Of Voices, Identities, and Diversity by Ohlone College Students

Ohlone College student Grace Romero struggles to make sense of today's world. Society is in turmoil as injustices are coming to light. The pandemic has affected Grace's relationships, family, friends, and sense of self. Disconnected, she begins a journey of self-discovery and decides to seek answers to her questions by reaching out and interviewing the people in her community. Along the way, she speaks with a diverse group of people from different backgrounds and points of view and finds connections she never had before.

Ohlone College students have developed a project using Johnny Saldaña's Ethnotheatre approach for devising an original work. The company interviewed dozens of people in the Fremont community to better understand COVID-19, its implications, and the societal injustices that have come to the foreground as a result of this unprecedented time in our history. Using these interviews, the students have created a theatrical piece which has been turned into a film that shares the stories and perspectives of their community.

Warning: Intense language and content suitable for high school age and up. Parrhesia 2020 poster


The virtual performance was showcased online on February 5 and 6, 2021 at 7pm  

Check out the Ohlone College Parrhesia 2020 – Press Release




MEGAN AVES (Eliza Reyes) is grateful for the opportunity to be in an Ohlone production. Outside of theatre, she pursues student enfranchisement and social/political activism. Megan would like to thank the Bay Area community, whose diverse stories made this film possible. 

ISRAEL AVILA (Edmundo Pinon) is ecstatic to be a student writer and actor in Parrhesia 2020. Some of Israel’s acting credits include Baller 1 from The Reluctant Vampire, Ensemble in The Phantom of the Opera, Knock-Bone Jones in Wendy & Peter Pan and both the 2019 & 2020 Student Repertory Theatre productions. In his free time, Israel likes to write, listen to Frank Sinatra, run his photography business page, and make music. He hopes you enjoy the show!

SARAH ELIZONDO (June Matthews-Chavez) is very excited to be a part of Parrhesia 2020. She is very thrilled to be a part of this devised play and is very grateful to have worked with an amazing cast and crew. In 2020, she was a part of the Ohlone College Playwrights Festival. In her spare time, she enjoys sewing, especially masks. She is looking forward to graduating in Spring 2021 with an Associates Degree for Transfer in Theater Arts. She plans to transfer to a university in Fall 2021.

SIMI KATTAURA (Seerat Kaur) is excited to be a part of this Ohlone production and her first participation in an original Ethnotheatre devised work. She has learned so much more about the creation of a show and is grateful for the opportunity to immerse herself within this format of socially-aware storytelling. Past credits include Methuselah in The Reluctant Vampire (Ohlone College), Tiger Lily in Wendy & Peter Pan (Ohlone College, KCACTF Nominee and Semi-Finalist), Esmeralda in The Hunchback of Notre Dame (Starstruck Youth Theatre, BroadwayWorld SF Nominee), receiving a Musical Theatre Meritorious Achievement at the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival, and more. She pursues Musical Theater, Data Science/Analytics, and Social/Political Activism and hopes to combine all three in the future. 

DAVID KAUTZ (Christopher Griffith) is thankful for the opportunity to perform with Ohlone College. Past roles include: Lefou (Beauty and the Beast), Willard (Footloose), and The Cat in the Hat (Seussical). He has performed with Starstruck Theatre, Stage one, West Valley Light Opera, and Lyric theater. He received a B.A. in music at SJSU. He has both an A.A. in multimedia along with a piano certificate from Ohlone College. He plays the accordion in his spare time. He also participated in Boy Scouts and received the rank of Eagle Scout. David thanks you all for reading through his whole bio, enjoy the show!

SUSHMITH KULKARNI (Keshava Rao) has performed as a part of many dance troupes throughout the years, and has worked on film projects with his friends at home. However, he is new to theatre and is delighted to be an actor and researcher in his first-ever production. He is an Asian Studies major at Pomona College with a concentration on Chinese Literature.

GREGORY LOUIS (Markus Williams) is new to acting and grateful for the opportunity to be cast in his first fall show at Ohlone. He's currently studying to be an audio engineer and also has a huge passion for voice acting and film. His first taste of being a part of an Ohlone production was early 2020 in Student Rep for Thursday Night Live. Also, he was ranked seventh overall in the 2019 Evil Idol Voice Acting Competition held by Chilling Tales for Dark Nights.

HANNAH MARTINEZ-CROW (Grace Romero) is an actress based in the Bay Area and is currently working towards her BFA in Musical Theatre. Hannah has performed roles including Elle Woods (Legally Blonde) and Wednesday Addams (The Addams Family). Hannah has been working as a professional princess for The Cinderella Company for the last year and performs as face characters for birthday parties and events. She loves being able to bring joy to families across the Bay Area. Before coming to Ohlone College, Hannah completed much of her training in the UK with St. Mary’s College, Hull Truck Theatre, and the Royal Shakespeare Company.

DAVID MESROPYAN (Alan Ohanian) is honored to be a part of another production and new work at Ohlone College. In 2019, he was in the ensemble of the world premiere of The Reluctant Vampire at Ohlone College. David’s not sure what he’ll do next, but these days he seems quite excited at the possibilities.

MANASE MISA (Mateo Ortiz) is 20 years old and is currently a student at Ohlone College. Manase has experience primarily in musical theatre, having been in productions like RENT and In the Heights! This will be the very first film he has ever done and takes much excitement in the fact that it’s not only his first film, but a devised play! He plans to give it his all in his performance and hopes everyone who tunes in will enjoy it!

YORICK MORAN (Emilio Garcia) is delighted to be performing in his first-ever theater production here at Ohlone. He is currently majoring in film and hopes to learn as much from this experience as possible and apply this knowledge to movies he makes in the future. He hopes you enjoy the show!

KAYLA STRAND (Audrey Callahan) is delighted to be a part of this production. She considers herself so lucky to have been able to collaborate and create with the wonderfully talented people in this cast on her first devised theatre piece. Previously you may have seen her in Ohlone’s productions of The Reluctant Vampire, The Phantom of the Opera, and both the 2019 & 2020 Student Repertory Theatre productions. Additionally, she has performed numbers from SIX: The Musical for Ohlone’s 3rd annual Hilltop Gala, and made her film debut in The Last Ballad. She’s currently a theatre major while also pursuing a career in health and fitness, and hopes to do both in the future. 

TIMOTHY THU (Jason Mun) is ecstatic to be a part of the Ohlone College’s new devised work Parrhesia 2020! His past performances at Ohlone College include: The Reluctant Vampire!, The Phantom of the Opera, the 2019 & 2020 Ohlone College Playwrights Festival, and the dance production From the Page to the Stage. He can also be seen in the awesome film, The Last Ballad. When he is not performing, he can usually be found in the tech crew for productions such as Chicago, Tick Tick Boom! and Wendy & Peter Pan. He would like to thank Michael Navarra Smith and everyone in the Ohlone Theatre Department for the opportunity to be a part of this production. He hopes you grab a bucket of popcorn and enjoy this filming of the play!

BRANDON TRAN (Father John Phuc Nguyen) is proud to be taking part in the creation of Parrhesia 2020 as an actor and student writer. In his free time, Brandon is an avid fan of the Tokusatsu genre (he highly recommends Kamen Rider Zero One, subbed by Over-Time), and can often be found wandering aimlessly around listening to his favorite music artists: The Oh Hellos and Dave Malloy, on his Nuraphones. Previous acting credits include: Brandon (Population), Ensemble (Reluctant Vampire), Bradley (Tuesday Night: Blood Sacrifice Ritual), Elevator Operator (REAPED), Anticlus (Horse Play), B4 (Ancestors Breaths), Mitch/Bandit/Knight/Maldak (Final Role), and Murt (Wendy & Peter Pan). Previous writing credits include the 8 - student-written play Open Up (TheatreWorks 1440 Countdown Grand Prize Winner; 2018), and the cyber-noir detective film Dead Links (a film co-written with director, John Mannah). 

TERA VITEK (Understudy) is delighted to be an understudy in her fourth production at Ohlone College. She is a student at CSU Long Beach where she is majoring in Theatre Arts and minoring in Dance.



RHYS CALBREATH (Assistant) is proud to have been a part of this production and excited to say this is his first experience as a production assistant. He has been lucky enough to be a part of four ICT productions including As You Like It (Adam and Jaques De Boys), Fiddler On the Roof (The Innkeeper), She Kills Monsters (Miles), and Oliver (Mr. Sowerberry), all of which he thoroughly enjoyed. He hopes you enjoy watching his talented peers as much as or more than he did working with them, and according to him he enjoyed them quite a lot. 

OMAR GOMEZ (Co-Director) is a Theatre Arts student at Ohlone College. He grew up in the performing arts starting as a musician and eventually learned singing, dancing, and acting in public school. He now continues to expand his craft at Ohlone. Omar has performed in a number of plays and musicals at Ohlone, was the vocal director for the student production of Tick, Tick... Boom!, and has directed two musicals for the Ohlone Playwrights Festival. He has acted in a few short videos for friends as part of school assignments, however, this is his first time working on a film like this. Omar plans on transferring next fall and continues to look for opportunities as an actor and director.

HARSHITH KOTNI (Creative Consultant)

LILIAN MANGROBANG (Stage Manager / Assistant Director) Theatre and the performing arts have been a huge part of Lilian’s life. She started acting at Irvington High School and continued her theatre education at Notre Dame de Namur University where she received her Bachelor’s of Arts in Theatre and Dance with a Business Minor. After graduating, Lilian used her degree and lifelong experience as a regionally ranked gymnast as a gymnastics summer camp director and high school dance teacher. She wanted to continue her growth in Theatre and the Entertainment Industry so she decided to go back to school. Lilian is currently studying to become a lighting designer, producer, stage manager, and director. 




DANIEL GESCHKE (Technical Crew) Working behind the scenes has always been a passion of Daniel's. He has done ten shows as a tech at Starstruck theatre, with duties ranging from deck crew, to flying, and lighting design. Daniel has also done many shows, and live events as a lighting tech at Irvington High School. This is Daniel’s first Ohlone show and first production made for film. 

NATALIE PECK (Technical Crew)

DANNY WOLNICK (Technical Crew) Theatre caught Danny’s interest when he started college. From building sets to hanging lights, he quickly learned the trade and began working at the Jackson Theater. He enjoys creating lighting designs and stage managing. Danny has  worked on shows such as: Phantom of the Opera, The Reluctant Vampire, The Ohlone Playwrights Festival, and the student produced musical Tick, Tick, Boom!. He is excited to direct, stage manage, and tech in the future, both in school and beyond. He is very excited to be part of this!



FRED ALIM (Editor & Sound Designer)

CHARLES BOLTON (Assistant Camera)

TAMARA COOPER (Costume Designer)

JASPER GONG (Studio Engineer)


MATT O’DONNELL (Lighting Director & Technical Director)

PATRICK SMITH (Assistant Studio Engineer)

CHRIS WARDEN (Executive Producer)















































And the dozens of ANONYMOUS interviewees that made this production possible.