Below are classes in Dance at Ohlone throughout the year:

Dancers in show


  • TD-141A/B Introduction/Intermediate Ballet MW (11:00am-1:05pm)
  • TD-142A Intro Jazz Dance TTh (11am-1:05pm)
  • TD-142B/C Intermediate/Advanced Jazz Dance TTh (1:15pm-3:20pm)
  • TD-143A/B/C Tap –Intro/Intermediate/Advance TTh (1:15-3:20pm)
  • TD-144A/B Intro and Intermediate Contemporary TTh (3:30-5:35pm)
  • TD-145A/B/C Dance Ensemble I, II, III MW (3:30-5:30pm)
  • TD-148A/B Intro and Intermediate Hip Hop MW (6:30-8:05pm) 
  • TD-149A Beginning Choreography for Production MW (3:30-5:30pm + TBA hours)

Winter Dance Showcase - Performances December 10, 11, and 12 (2020) @8pm. The Winter Dance Showcase features student choreographed works and performances from our Spring and Fall semester technique classes.


  • TD-121A Dance Rehearsal and Performance See Catalog
  • TD-141A Introduction/Intermediate Ballet MW (6:05-8:10pm)
  • TD-142A Intro/Advanced Jazz Dance MW (9:15-11:20am)
  • TD-143A Tap A/B/C MW (11:25am-1:30pm)
  • TD-144A Modern Dance TTh (1:35-3:40pm)
  • TD-147A Dance Company Repertoire I MTWTH (3:45-6:00pm)
  • TD-148A Intro to Hip Hop MW or F (8:30-10:05pm)
  • TD-148B Intermediate Hip Hop F (1:30-4:40pm)
  • TD-149 Choreography for Production By arrangement


  • TD-102 Theatre Appreciation New York City
  • TD-109 Theatre for Today Online
  • TD-125 Summerfest - Principals TBA
  • TD-129 Summerfest - Technicians TBA

Theatre General Ed (Fall and Spring):

  • TD-102 Intro to Theatre Appreciation Th (7:00-9:05pm)
  • TD-107 History of Film Th (6:30-9:40pm)
  • TD-109 Theatre for Today Online



For more information: please contact Janel Tomblin-Brown at