Emeritus Faculty - Theatre and Dance

2021 Ohlone College Playwrights Festival: May 14-15, 2021, 7pm

The Student Repertory Theatre Company presents the 7th Annual Ohlone College Playwrights Festival, premieres of 10-minute plays and musicals. The festival will be broadcast for free, via a weblink, which you can view through your phone or computer. It will be closed captioned. Click here to be notified when the event link will be available.

Craig Jackson

Man dresses as woman sitting in chair reading.The American Dream, early 70s with of one the most memorable understudies stepping in: Craig Jackson!

Craig Jackson was one of the original twelve instructors hired before Ohlone College even opened its doors on the old Serra Center campus in 1968. He taught classes in a regular classroom and produced plays at Cal State Hayward, Niles Elementary and other off campus locations.

The college then set up a speed building later known as Studio 22 on the new campus. Ironically, 22 is the age Craig claimed to be as long as any of us knew him. He married Bonnie in the summer of 1990, and passed away in the fall of 1992. Craig was here for the ground breaking for the new building and help videotape the demolition of his beloved Studio 22.

Characteristic of his devotion to his students, Craig left a portion of his estate to the foundation of the Jackson scholarship which Bonnie helps award at the Annual Theatre Guild Banquet.

In memory of his service to the school and acknowledging his gifts to the college, the main theatre in the new performing arts center is named the G. Craig Jackson Theatre.

Two men.Craig Jackson and David Rodriguez, Theatre Guild Banquet 1980s.
Two men in scene from Cuckoo's Nest.Cuckoo's Nest 1979 directed by Craig Jackson.

Sam Levine

Two men.Sam Levine and Tim Walton, Theatre Guild Banquet 1980s.

A very familiar face around town and at the college, joined us as an adjunct instructor in 1974. He taught the evening acting classes for several years: Sam also directed, produced and acted in many Summerfest Musicals, and assisted the college in the design phase of the new building.

Sam passed away in the summer of 1995. His wife Adele and their two daughters (Shana and Taya, both veterans of Summerfest a long time ago) are now working with a local sculptor who has designed a bust of Sam which grace the main lobby of the Performing Arts Center. The sculpture depicts Sam in the role of Tevya from Fiddler on the Roof on his most beloved role.

Mark Nelson

Mark was hired in the fall of 1976 and took a leave of absence from 1983 to 1985 to earn his MFA at UCLA.  Among the courses that Mark taught, one was a Theatre Appreciation course where he took students on a yearly class to New York City. Mark officially retired from teaching in in the Fall of 2016, and continues to support the performing arts at Ohlone.