2021 Ohlone College Playwrights Festival: May 2021

The Student Repertory Theatre Company presents the 7th Annual Ohlone College Playwrights Festival, premieres of 10-minute plays and musicals. The festival will be broadcast for free, via a weblink, which you can view through your phone or computer. It will be closed captioned. Click here to be notified when the event link will be available.

The Student Repertory Theatre Company presents the 7th annual Ohlone College Playwrights Festival 2021, Premieres of 10-Minute Plays and Musicals. The festival will be broadcast for free via a link. Performances will be in May 2021!  Click here to be notified when the event link for the Playwrights Festival 2021 will be available..

2021 Playwrights Festival, coming soon in May 2021

2021 Plays

  • The Bojiff Dodang Show by David Kautz (Book, Music and Lyrics) and Nick Saud (Music and Lyrics); Directed by: Haiden Grushkin
  • Lola Cooked Our Food by Jeffrey Lo; Directed by: Sarah Elizondo
  • Opposites Attract by Manase Misa; Directed by: Lilian Mangrobang
  • Mess by Philana Imade Omorotionmwan; Directed by: Manuel Muñoz
  • To The North Star by Jordan Ramirez Puckett; Directed by: Manase Misa
  • Slaying Demons by Jacob Marx Rice; Directed by: Leah Robertson
  • Hopes and Dreams Incorporated by Mercedes Segesvary; Directed by: Gillian Bong
  • MI6 Budget Report by Max Tachis; Directed by: Rebecca Twyman
  • Enemy by Peter Tamaribuchi; Directed by: Yorick Moran

About the Ohlone College Playwrights Festival

The aim of the festival is to cultivate plays from professional and emerging playwrights that speak to our college students and contribute to fostering the next generation of theatre artists.

About Student Repertory Theatre Company

Student Repertory Theatre Company is a class that produces the Ohlone College Playwrights Festival. Student Rep is comprised of student directors, producers, actors, designers, and crew–budding talent for the future growth in theatre. First-time and more experienced theatre students are given the opportunity to create a full theatre ensemble geared toward producing live theatre. Student Rep introduces all aspects of theatre to new students and is a space for experienced students to hone their skills and craft.

Past Playwrights include

  • Jake Arky
  • Rachel Bublitz
  • Ron Burch
  • Sydney Bush
  • Eugenie Chan
  • Chris Chritelli
  • John Franceschini
  • George Freek
  • Anne V. Grob
  • Tanya Grove
  • Philip W. Hall
  • Grace Hoffman
  • Brett Hursey
  • Stephen Kaplan
  • Richard Lau
  • Jeffrey Lo
  • David MacGregor
  • Karen Macklin
  • Kayla Martinez
  • Erik Dylan Matibag
  • Paul McCormick
  • Philana Omorotionmwan
  • Adriana Palangio
  • Owen Panettierri
  • Anthony R. Pezzula
  • Syche Phillips
  • Kevin Prasad
  • Jordan Ramirez Puckett
  • Lisa Ramirez
  • Alex Ratner
  • Joni Ravenna
  • Jacob Marx Rice
  • Robin Lynn Rodriguez
  • Andy Roninson
  • Nick J. Saud
  • Mercedes Segesvary
  • Bridget Grace Sheaff
  • Aurin Squire
  • Cleavon Smith
  • Max Tachis
  • Peter Tamaribuchi
  • James Anthony Tyler
  • Victor Elán Vasquez
  • Leah Nanako Winkler

Photographs from Past Playwrights Festivals

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