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The content on this page was made possible by a sabbatical taken during the Spring 2005 semester by Ohlone College Mathematics professor Jeff O'Connell. Unless otherwise stated, instructions will work in the same TI (Texus Instrument) family, that is, instructions for TI-83/84 have been checked on the TI-83/83 plus/83 plus silver edition/84 plus/84 plus silver edition. You will need a PDF file reader for all instruction sheets. There is a link to Adobe's free PDF reader at the bottom of this page.

All comments, corrections, and additions are welcome - please contact Jeff O'Connell at joconnell@ohlone.edu.

Online Manuals

Links take you to the Texas Instruments website.

Basic Graphing

Entering equations, viewing window, and zooming.

Basic Matrix Operations

Entering a matrix, row operations, reduced row echelon forms, and inverses.

Calculus I Computations

Derivatives, Integrals, arc length, minimums, and maximums.


Compound interest, future value, and present value.


Entering data and calculating regression equations.

Simplex Method

Statistics and Probability on the TI-83/84

  • Statistics and Probability - Entering data, descriptive statistics, factorials, permutations, combinations, binomial and normal distributions.
  • Confidence Intervals - Calculating confidence intervals for 1 and 2 population means and proportions using data or statistics.
  • Hypothesis Tests - Calculating Hypothesis Tests for 1 and 2 population means and proportions using data or statistics.

Descriptive Statistics

Means, standard deviations etc.

Stuff Everybody should know about their Calculator

Solver Basics

Solving equations with possibly more than one solution.

Solver - Advanced

Solving equations with more than one variable and storing equations.

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