What to do if you witness a sexual assault, misconduct, or suspicious behavior that might become a sex crime

On campus:

  • Dial 6111 from campus phones to contact Campus Police Services.
  • Dial (510) 659-6111 from cell or off-campus phones to contact Campus Police Services.  (Each student and staff member should have this number saved in your cell phone).
  • Use RAVE Guardian app to call, text, or send photos: https://www.ohlone.edu/cps/rave  (Each student and staff member should have this app downloaded and saved in your cell phone). Note: this option is only monitored during regular Campus Police Services’ office hours.  You will receive an auto-generated text when you send a text to remind you of when this text option is monitored.   

Outside campus:

  • Call 911 for police help (or 9-911 from an on-campus phone).
  • Provide all details you have observed including a specific location and a physical description of the suspect. 

Bystander Intervention Techniques

  • If safe to do so, try to prevent the possible crime by options such as: 
  • If at a place with security, alerting security to the issue.
  • If safe, asking the perpetrator what they are doing or telling the perpetrator that the target is drunk and cannot consent and you don’t want them to get in trouble. (This may work better if the perpetrator is a friend).
  • Offering a safe escape such as approaching the victim, sharing what you have observed, and requesting they move to a safe location with you. More subtle examples might be asking the target to go to the bathroom with you or asking the target to help you look for a friend in another room, and then warning the target. 
  • If you know the target, texting them a warning of concern or asking if they need help with the perpetrator.
  • If you saw who the target arrived with, approaching that person to ask them to intervene with or warn the target.
  • Creating a distraction, such as suggesting you go somewhere for food or starting a different activity. This could include a double distraction, such as asking a friend to distract or talk to the targeted person, while you try to distract the possible perpetrator.
  • Call out to others in the area who may be able to assist.
  • Record the activity or perpetrator on your phone (This should not supersede taking active measures to stop a current assault if possible).