Dr. Massimo has been teaching Full Time in the Communication Studies Department since 2000. Dr. Massimo was the director of a national, state, and regional winning forensic program. She focuses on teaching core courses and an advocate for sharing voices of those in the margins. She has a focus in multicultural issues and organizes social justice activities and conferences on campus and in the community.

Contact Information

Teresa Sutowski Massimo, E.dD
Main office location: NC-2114, Newark Campus

Office Hours

Dr. Massimo's Office is located in the Newark Campus, however, she is more often in the Communication Labs during her lab hours (which vary from semester to semester) at Fremont (FP-22) and Newark (NC-1110). Other office hours can be made by arrangement. Please email for an appointment.


Spring 2018 Schedule
Times Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9:45am-11:20am   COMM-113-02 (072478), Newark Portable 3 COMM-113-03 (072481), Building 4, Room 4104A COMM-113-02 (072478), Newark Portable 3 COMM-111-05 (072454), 9:15am-12:25pm, FP-5
11:30am-1:05pm   COMM-111-12 (072462), Newark Portable 3 COMM-115-02 (073261), Building 4, Room 4104A COMM-111-12 (072462), Newark Portable 3 LAB & OFFICE HOURS in FP-22 (Fremont Communication Lab), 12:30pm-1:30pm.
1:15pm-2:50pm   COMM-111-17 (072467), Newark Portable 3 LAB & OFFICE HOURS in FP-22 (Fremont Communication Lab), 1:00pm-3:00pm COMM-111-17 (072467), Newark Portable 3  
6:00pm-9:10pm COMM-100-02 (072450), HH-120        

Course Information - Spring 2018

  • COMM-100: Introduction to Communication Theory
  • COMM-111: Introduction to Public Speaking
  • COMM-113: Interpersonal Communication
  • COMM-115: Intercultural Communication
  • COMM-126: Introduction to Listening Techniques
  • COMM-190A: Speech and Communication Lab Faculty
  • COMM-190B: Speech and Communication Lab Faculty
  • COMM-190C: Speech and Communication Lab Faculty

Courses Taught at Ohlone

  • COMM-100: Introduction to Communication Theory
  • COMM-108: Visual Communication
  • COMM-111: Introduction to Public Speaking
  • COMM-112: Small Group Communication/Critical Thinking
  • COMM-113: Interpersonal Communication
  • COMM-114: Critical Thinking/Persuasion
  • COMM-115: Intercultural Communication
  • COMM-116: Critical Thinking/Argumentation and Debate
  • COMM-117: Leadership Communication
  • COMM-118/WS-108: Gender, Sexual Identity, and Communication
  • COMM-122: Family Communication
  • COMM-124: Introduction to Health Communication
  • COMM-125/BA-115: Career Communication
  • COMM-126: Listening Techniques
  • COMM/TD-130: Oral Interpretation of Literature
  • COMM/TD-132: Voice and Diction
  • COMM/TD-134: Introduction to Performance Studies
  • COMM-190A: Speech Communication Lab Consultant
  • COMM-190B/C: Communication Lab Consultant
  • COMM-191A1: Introductory Forensics Workshop
  • COMM-191A2: Forensics Workshop
  • COMM-191A3 :Forensics Competition
  • COMM-192A1/2: Argumentation and Debate Workshop
  • COMM-192A3: Competitive Argumentation and Debate
  • COMM-193: Oral Interpretation Competition


  • CSU Fresno, BA in Speech Communication
  • CSU Chico, Masters in Information Studies and Doctorate in Higher Education and Cross Cultural Communication

Professional Memberships

  • Western States Communication Association ​​
  • National Communication Association 
  • National Association for Multicultural Education