Total Health & Wellness Center Course Descriptions

Collage of people doing various exercises.Circuit Training-Explore the different types of circuits designed to improve strength, endurance and overall fitness. Timed intervals help to push you toward optimal fitness and health.

Total Fitness-Learn sound training principles to improve muscular and cardiovascular systems. Personalize your training program to help you meet your goals.

Guts and Butts-This conditioning program emphasizes muscular strength, toning and endurance for the abds, glutes and low back.

Tai Chi-Explore the Yang style of Tai Chi which emphasizes the principles of tai chi - effortless movement, relaxation, and awareness of the mind and body as one. This class is perfect for all ages and fitness levels.

Yoga-Explore the philosophies and positions (asanas) related to the fundamentals of Yoga. Discover meditation, stress reduction and mental focus as you connect your breath with movement.

Yoga and Meditation-Discover the many benefits of meditation and stress reduction. Move mindfully through the basic postures and positions as you connect your breath with each movement.

Pilates-Increase strength, flexibility, stamina, and concentration through the use of Pilates mat exercises. Discover improved core stability as you build strength from the inside out.

Indoor Cycling-Experience outdoor cycling skills and drills, hills and flats, sprints and climbs as you cycle on a stationary bike to heart thumping music.

Body Sculpting-Use the stability balls, handheld dumbbells, body bar, PE379medicine balls, resistance tubing and calisthenics totone and strengthen your entire body.

Fitness Camp-This weight management program teaches you everything you need to know to make healthy lifestyle choices and achieve your health, fitness and wellness goals. Learn tips for holistically managing stress and bring your life back into balance. Explore various forms of exercise in a supportive and motivating environment. Support your classmates and celebrate your successes. One hour lecture, one hour activity and one hour TBA per week.

Textbooks, Online Access Codes, Other Supplies and Resources

Most Ohlone College classes require the purchase of a textbook, and some classes require the purchase of online access codes (also known as keys) or other supplies. Most of these purchases are available at the Ohlone College Bookstore.

Students may also be required to pay additional fees for access to online resources that are not available through the Ohlone College Bookstore. Please check with the instructor.

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