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Transfer Center Promo

Tomas Ortega (Narrator): San Francisco State... Santa Clara University... UC Santa Barbara... Cornell University... CSU Monterey Bay... UC Irvine.... Transferring to these and other universities from Ohlone College is possible. Ohlone helps you do what it takes to get into the schools you want so...

Plan Early!

Isidore Niyongabo (Intended Transfer) [deaf student using ASL]: When I applied to the UCs, I think I met with two or three counselors every week just to check my classes.

Gabriel Vila (UC Santa Cruz Graduate): I did meet with a counselor; I met with Diane Berkland. We figured out what I would do for my time here.

Leona Saluta (San Fransisco State Transfer): I was really doing things on my own. I didn't know what was here at all. And they were telling me later that if you'd had gone to orientation, then you would've gotten an idea, like to meet with a counselor.

Tomas Ortega: Make the Transfer Center your first stop after registration. It's in the main building just to the left of Counseling [Department]. See, look! [Enters Lobby of Building 1 on the Fremont campus.]

Utilize Resources!

Kalpita Sharma (Cal State East Bay Transfer): The resource that really helped me here at Ohlone College was the help from the Transfer Center. There are representatives who visit the campus all the time so I got to talk to a lot of them, to find out what schools might be right for me, and what programs are really good.

Isidore Niyongabo: The most helpful resource was the staff members at the Transfer Center and the counselors. Anytime I needed to come in and get information, they had it here. They have the books, the magazines, the catalogs, the computers; everything is set up for us, as well as being able to meet the representatives from certain universities that came to talk to students who were interested in transferring there.

Gabriel Vila: I came down for Transfer Day, and we had an amazing selection of colleges down here. I got to ask pretty much everybody and anything, questions about college and transferring and majors and such. The Counseling Department is really on top of this stuff.

Leona Saluta: The Student Health Center was a haven for me because of the personal things I was going through. So if you need counseling or life coaching, we have a good one [Health Center] here. That helped me a lot.

Tomas Ortega: Be aware of workshops offered throughout the year at Ohlone, and be sure to use off-campus resources to help you make your decision too.

Sample Workshop Titles:

  • CSU/UC Application Workshops
  • Understanding Your Financial Aid Letter
  • Writing Personal Statements
  • I'm Admitted! Now What?!
  • How Do I Pick a Major?

Most universities have a day or weekend where you can check out their school, take tours, talk to different departments, and basically, shop around.

The Value of the Ohlone Experience!

Isidore Niyongabo: Well, coming here was a better choice because first of all, I am an international student. I am from Burundi, Africa, and that country does not have advanced education or higher education for deaf students. The opportunity to come to a community college has been wonderful. The activities I've been involved in and the learning that I've done is going to help me in the future, and being able to go to a university is definitely going to help me realize my dream.

Kalpita Sharma: Some of the classes are a little bit different, for [example], my junior level classes tend to be a lot larger in size, some of the lecture hall can house up to 250-300 students so, I mean, coming from Ohlone where there are smaller class sizes its a lot different.

Gabriel Vila: For one thing, it saved me a lot of money, well, transferring from a JC (community college) to a university. It saved me a lot of money and I got to take classes and things I was really interested in. Like one time I took introduction to eastern religions, ancient philosophy, Japanese and introduction to sci-fi and fantasy literature. It was a really fun quarter and it was really random and none of it had anything to do with what I'm studying now, but it was alot fun and that's what I got to do here.

Leona Saluta: As I started to stay here more I realized it's not just high school kids; it's also working mothers, working parents, and people who have already gotten their degrees and are going back to school again. And I started talking to people and not just treating this like a commuter school, but making friends here, and making friends that I could study with, and making friends that were uplifting for me instead of the party crowd or the popular crowd that I wanted to be so into. And I kind of broke free of that, so it was a good transition for me.

Dream Big! Aim High! And Work Hard!

Kalpita Sharma: There's no reason why you can't transfer, for whatever reason it may be. There is always a way you can transfer. Me being an international student, fees are a lot more expensive for myself and there's always a way for you to transfer. There's always free money out there in the form of scholarships and grants you can apply for. There's always people willing to help you as well. Once you transfer don't think you will be alone, because [there will] always a number of students will be in the same shoes as you. So transfer is always something that you can definitely do.

Leona Saluta: Be sure about your major. You have time here, [complete] your GE's, and take classes that interest you and find out what you really want to do.

Gabriel Vila: Don't stop, don't wait for the last minute deadline, don't wait for anything, fill out all the paperwork you have to do the day you get it; and get it done because, it is the best thing you will ever do for yourself. It really is.

Tomas Ortega: So why not do it and get that Bachelor's degree you've always wanted. We're here to help you. Here's a quick overview of how to secure your future.

  • Attend Welcome Day & Transfer Day
  • Meet a Counselor
  • Ask about / sign a TAG agreement
  • Attend Transfer Workshops
  • Apply to Universities
  • Apply for Financial Aid and Housing
  • Visit University Open Houses & Events
  • Sign up for Transfer Orientation

So once you've registered at Ohlone College, come by the Transfer Center and let us help you start planning your future. We're here to help you get into the school of your choice.

Opening Credits

  • Client: Frances Fon / Diane Berkland
  • Producer / Director: Misty Ty
  • Camera / Editor / Graphics: Jamison Boyer

Closing Credits

  • Executive Producers: Diane Berkland & Frances Fon
  • Producer / Director: Misty Ty
  • Director of Photography, Editor, Graphics: Jamison Boyer
  • Executive in charge of Production: Gary Kauf
  • Host / Narrator: Tomas Ortega
  • Camera Operator: Tyler Thournir
  • Special Thanks: Ohlone College Council, Martha Brown, Stephanie Pintello
  • Interviews: Kalpita Sharma, Isidore Niyongabo, Gabriel Vila, Leona Saluta
  • Interpreter Voice Over: Jon Marshall