Transfer Information and Career Opportunities in Interior Design

Transfer Information for Interior Design Majors

Please refer to Exploring Majors at for a list of university (California State University and University of California) that offer the major. Select an Area of Study, press the Continue button, select a Discipline in that area of study, press the Continue button, and then select the campus abbreviation next to a major to get more information about that major and the transfer requirements for that university.

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Career Opportunities in Interior Design

Miniature sculpture of a lobby.The field of Interior Design is complex and diverse, with many career choices. With training, job opportunities are often found in support positions assisting designers in interior design or architectural offices. Other jobs may be found in corporations, health care, hospitality and other commercial facilities. Options are also available in department or furniture stores. Designers start as assistants or apprentices before being considered a professional designer. Advancement opportunities are based on ability and education. After gaining experience and expertise many choose self-employment.

Some specific opportunities graduates may consider are Interior Design Assistant; Decorator; Product Representative; Home Furnishing Salesperson; Merchandiser; Display Designer; or Color Consultant.

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Employment Outlook

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