Applying to Universities

The Application Process

Did You Know…?

Ohlone has 23 approved Associate Degrees for Transfer (ADTs); these associate degrees are in Administration of Justice, Anthropology, Art History, Business Administration, Communication Studies, Computer Science, Early Childhood Education, Economics, English, Geography, Geology, History, Journalism, Kinesiology, Mathematics, Music, Philosophy, Physics, Psychology, Sociology, Spanish, Studio Arts, and Theatre Arts.

Admission to the California State University is guaranteed to any California community college student who earns an Associate Degree for Transfer.

Applying to transfer to a university is more than just completing a form. It is a process that may require:

  • adherence to multiple deadlines
  • the reporting of your academic history
  • admissions essay
  • short answer questions
  • portfolio
  • submission of transcripts
  • a separate application for a particular major or program
  • letters of recommendations
  • interviews
  • and more

The college admissions process can take as short as two weeks or as long as one year. During this time, you will have many opportunities to present yourself in the best manner possible through your organizational skills, ability to follow directions in a timely manner, management of multiple communications and requests from each potential university, and providing a thorough and thoughtful application package.

Hitting the "Submit" button is only the beginning! Don't forget to follow up and follow through on the tasks that come after application submission. Check out the resources and tools below, to get started on your application.

University Application Resources

Along with the resources below, contact the Transfer Center or see your counselor for help through the application process!

University Application Resources
Resource Description
Applying to the CSU Contains the online CSU Apply Application as well as application deadlines; check to see if the CSU campus you are interested in is accepting applications for your major and term.
Applying to the UC Contains the online UC Application as well as application deadlines; check to see if the UC campus you are interested in is accepting applications for your major and term; obtain tips for the UC Personal Insight Questions.
The Common Application for Independent Institutions The Common Application is a general application form used by over 150 independent colleges. Check with the college or university to see if they use The Common Application. Additional forms, applications, may still be required.
GPA Calculator Use the GPA calculator when completing applications such as the CSU Apply application!
Transfer Workshops

The Transfer Center sponsors many workshops to assist you through your last year at Ohlone before transferring to a university. See below for sample topics and view our schedule for when they are offered:

  • Admission Application Working Sessions
  • FAFSA Workshops sponsored by Ohlone Financial Aid
  • Ohlone Transfer Alumni Panel
  • Supplemental Applications for SDSU and Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
  • The Transfer Transition
  • Writing Your UC Personal Insight Questions