Transfer Day is a fantastic opportunity to visit with representatives from colleges and universities and explore transfer options. Review the details below and take advantage of this once-a-year event!


Q. What is Transfer Day?

Transfer Day is the annual event for Ohlone College transfer students! Over 30 colleges and universities across the U.S. representing various programs attend Transfer Day so you can gather information about academic programs, admission requirements, and student life. Special afternoon workshops are also available!

Q. When and where is Transfer Day?

Transfer Day 2020 is on Tuesday, October 20, 2020 through Zoom!

Transfer Day 2020 Schedule
Time Activity Location
9:00am - 3:00pm University Information Presentations Zoom
3:00pm-4:00pm Open Q & A hour Zoom

*Additional transfer workshops occur throughout the year covering a wide variety of topics! Visit Transfer Workshops for the full schedule!*

Q. How do I prepare for Transfer Day?

For some universities, Transfer Day is the only time they will be at Ohlone to help you learn about their transfer options and programs. In addition, some university tables will be full of students so time may be limited once you approach the university rep. Use the following suggestions to prepare your questions and requests, and navigate through the day efficiently and thoroughly.

  • Scope out who is attending Transfer Day.

    The list of university attendees and a preliminary directory of their table location is available and updated weekly. Unforeseen circumstances may result in an absent university, university additions, and/or a table location changes on the day of the event.
  • Research universities ahead of time.

    Information such as available majors/programs, campus location, student population, and other “Fast Facts” are available on the web and in the Transfer Center. To maximize your time with the university representative, research ahead of time so you can obtain answers to questions that can’t be found elsewhere.
  • Prepare your list of essential questions to ask.

    University representatives want to provide you with everything you need so you can determine which universities are the most appropriate for you. A student athlete, student parent, and biology student will ask different questions and want different materials. Use the suggested questions below as a guide for developing your own list of essential inquiries to make. 

    Download the Suggested Questions to Ask at the University Information Fair (PDF)
  • Bring yourself and a notepad.

Q. What happens on Transfer Day?

In order to get the Zoom links and list of schools, please REGISTER.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Representatives will be doing a 30 minute presentation and will stay longer to answer your questions.
  • Do visit universities you may not have previously considered. You never know, it may be your future university!
  • Don't hesitate to ask questions. Take notes and gather more links.
  • Do ask for a business contact information or obtain contact information. Ask if they make university rep visits to Ohlone College.
  • Do complete the Transfer Day survey located inside the Transfer Day program! Survey results are used to improve Transfer Day for you and your peers.
  • Do visit the Transfer Center help link for assistance. Zoom:

Q. What’s next after Transfer Day?

  • Look through the links and notes from Transfer Day within a week.
  • Remove colleges that are NOT a good fit. Research colleges that interest you.
  • Explore websites, request more information from admissions offices, and make plans to do a virtual visit this year.

Keep consulting with family, friends, faculty, university reps, and others to further explore or narrow down your list of potential transfer programs and universities. Additional resources include:

  • The Transfer Center - You can continue your research with Transfer Center. Materials and handbooks on particular majors or field of studies will be available on campus when we reopen.
  • University Rep Visits - University representatives visit Ohlone College periodically. You can make appointments to meet with a university representative at Ohlone College for one-on-one transfer planning. If you do not see a college you would like to speak with, please email us at and let us know.
  • Transfer Workshops - Workshops cover a wide variety of topics. Check the Transfer Workshops Schedule and come! Topics include:
    • The Road to Success: How to Choose Your Major
    • The Transfer Admission Guarantee
    • Writing Your UC Application and Personal Insight Questions
    • Your Counselor - Counselors can help you develop and strategize an academic plan that best meets your goals. Meet with them regularly to stay on course for transfer.
  • Ohlone College Faculty and Staff - Many Ohlone College faculty and staff attended college to get to where they are today. Be bold and ask them where they went and what kind of experiences they could share.
  • Transfer Events Calendar - The Transfer Events Calendar contains the dates, times, and locations of all university rep visits, transfer workshops, as well as off-campus events such as university open houses, preview days, college fairs, etc. Check it out!